Jake Paul to Dana White: "You’re the selfish, capitalist asshole"

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Jake Paul to Dana White: "You’re the selfish, capitalist asshole"

The public quarrel between Jake Paul and Dane White is becoming more and more heated, and the end is not in sight. After White initially challenged Youtuber, then Jake Paul responded and then White reappeared, it was Jake Paul’s turn again.

YouTuber, who is trying to build a boxing career, was extremely aggressive in his latest appearance. Jake Paul was very extensive during his presentation. '' In short, you didn't look at anything I said. I accepted your challenge.

I said I would fight in MMA and pull out of boxing, and you ignored all those statements. That proves you're in a corner." "You are a dog in a corner who is trying to save his whole company from the shame I have exposed you to.

Everyone sees it, and what you can’t accept and appreciate is the fact that I’m trying to change the sport forever, and you’re one of the most selfish, capitalist assholes I’ve ever seen." "Everyone else needs you, Dana.

I'm the only person who doesn't need you and I don't care about you. But all these people, your fighters, each of them, they must not say anything. I will not stop." "Welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen, '' Jake Paul began, then looked back at his suggestions, urging Dana White to introduce health care for all his fighters, even retired ones.

'' Dana White, you don't want to introduce health care for your fighters because you don't give a shit for them, and you're so big bitch to increase the fighters' minimum of $ 12,000 to risk their lives."

"That's how much a janitor earns. You have to pay them at least $ 50,000. Stop avoiding my points, ''Jake Paul added. By the way, Jake Paul has often accused Dana White of regularly consuming cocaine. Dana White offered Jake Paul the option to randomly test him for cocaine if Jake Paul agrees to random doping controls.

Jake Paul on Dana White cocaine

The UFC president strongly denies claims of cocaine use, but Jake Paul claims it is a lie. '' You've been seen with cocaine and whores every other week. One would think that with all the money you have, you will do a botox treatment, because your forehead looks like a fuck*ing Google Map, with all those lines and shit."

"Men lie, women lie, Dana White lies, but numbers don’t. You want to talk shit about my manager (Nakisa Bidarian), who was your company's chief financial officer" " He helped you sell it to Endeavor for four billion dollars.

You are just jealous and disgusting. You don't know what real happiness is. You're the definition of an unfortunate billionaire who thought money would make his life better. I'm sorry, '' Jake Paul said sharply.

By the way, Dana White also touched on Jake Paul’s manager Nakisa Bidarian, a former UFC employee, calling him trash and a liar. Jake Paul obviously did not like such comments, and he did not like the statement that Masvidal is a PPV star and Paul, according to Dana White, does not deserve to fight with such a star.

'' You say Jorge Masvidal is a PPV superstar. Let’s take a look at his latest post on Instagram. There are five or ten thousand likes. Do you realize that my mother Pam has more likes than your PPV superstar? '' Was Jake Paul's review of Dana White's statement.

Jake Paul has been really harsh on Dana White, and it remains to be seen if Dana White will react this time as well. It is easily possible that he will not.