Will Dillian and Hearn agree to a WBC fee split?

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Will Dillian and Hearn agree to a WBC fee split?
Will Dillian and Hearn agree to a WBC fee split? (Provided by Sport World News)

The story about the match for the heavyweight WBC boxing champion between Tyson Fury and the interim champion and thus the obligatory challenger, Dillian Whyte, continues. It would be good to start by describing the situation as it was until yesterday.

The WBC recently designated Whyte as a mandatory challenger, but the team of promoters behind Fury claimed the match would not take place. The reasons is Whyte's arbitration with the WBC, which is still ongoing, but also the fact that Whyte and his team are asking for a 55-45 percent revenue share in favor of Fury or ten million dollars fixed, which his temporary title should provide.

Fury's team reacted immediately and said they would not agree. Because of all this, there has been talking in recent days that Fury will play a match in March, which will not be for the title until the situation between WBC and Whyte is resolved.

But now the WBC has reacted in a way that Whyte will like even less than there would be an option where he would have to wait a bit for the title attack. The organization, led by Maurizio Sulaiman, has now set the teams a deadline of January 11, which is the period within which they must mutually arrange a match.

Knowing that they haven't even started contacting yet, and probably won't by then, we can already write that off. In that case, it goes to the fee auction, for which the WBC has already made a decision on the division of fees.


They determined it would be 80-20 percent in favor of Fury. And that's where the problem actually arises. The WBC can reject the 55-45 percent split rule, as they have a part in their regulations that gives them that right if, written exactly in these words, one boxer brings exceptional marketing value.

This of course refers to Fury. But the division of 80-20 is not possible according to their rules, where it is written in black and white that 70-30 is the maximum possible difference in fees. So, with this decision, the WBC decided to ignore its own rules.

What is left for Whyte in this way? One option is arbitration, ie a reaction to the WBC's violation of its own rules, but he is already conducting one arbitration with them and would only postpone everything. The remaining two options are clear.

Accept this share or give up your position as a challenger. It’s hard to comment on everything that’s going on, but we can’t help but try to connect some things through thinking. First of all, that Fury has no ambition to fight Whyte, and that he does not hide it at all.

We also know that his American promoter Bob Arum has a very good relationship with Sulaiman. And Sulaiman? This man has done so much damage to the world of professional boxing in recent years that we would need one special text to describe his work.

Who knows, we may see him on this site soon. After all, we have no doubt that Dillian Whyte and his promoter Eddie Hearn have quite a few headaches regarding this match.