Tyson Fury returns in March: Two potential opponents in the game?

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Tyson Fury returns in March: Two potential opponents in the game?

Tyson Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) is probably currently the most desirable opponent in the world of heavyweight professional boxing. Although he holds only one of the four elite titles, Fury has certainly become the biggest star of the royal category at the moment with his character and style of performance.

It was expected that his next opponent would be Dillian Whyte, the interim WBC champion who by this very fact has an advantage over other boxers. The WBC has already reacted, ordering Fury to accept a match against him if there can be no clash against Oleksandr Usyk to unify all the titles.

And this is not possible, since Anthony Joshua has activated a clause by which the Ukrainian must make a rematch against him. However, the match against Whyte will not take place at the moment, for one absolutely boxing reason, ie the reason that is the most common source of problems in professional boxing.

It's about money. Namely, Whyte is asking for a split of the money in which he will get 45 percent, which is actually the percentage that the WBC interim champion should get by the new rules. Another option they are willing to agree to is ten million dollars, no matter what the financial summary of the match will be.

However, Fury and his team do not want to agree to such a thing and are putting pressure on the WBC. He is currently in the process of arbitrating which Whyte will try to get what he is looking for. And what about Fury, who wants to fight as soon as possible? He will do it.

He is ready for March, just waiting for the decision on exactly which weekend his performance will bring, and it seems that the list of potential opponents has narrowed to just two names. They were revealed by Bob Arum in an interview with the IFL.

Two opponents

As things currently stand, Fury would fight Andy Ruiz Jr. in a match, which will not be for his WBC title, or he will fight against Robert Helenius. After 2020 without a single match, Ruiz (34-2, 22 KOs) fought Chris Arreola on the first day of May this year and recorded a victory in one very competitive match.

It was also the first appearance for the "Destroyer" since the defeat in the second match against Anthony Joshua. Because of so much inactivity, Ruiz has fallen into the background on the world heavyweight map and he definitely needs some big match.

As for Helenius (31-3, 20 KOs), the 37-year-old Finn was already largely forgotten when he interrupted the climb to the top of Adam Kownacki. He knocked out the undefeated Pole in March last year, and then repeated it in October this year, on the introductory program of Fury and Wilder.

Thus, the former European champion was brought into a position from which he can win a big match. And at the moment, as stated at the beginning of the text, there is no one bigger than the one against Fury. It is not yet known when Usyk and Joshua will make their rematch, but it all points to the fact that it could be at a similar time as Fury's match.

If Fury does his job the way he is convinced, there will no longer be an obstacle to organizing the match for the absolute title, regardless of whether the remaining three will be with Joshua or Usyk. That way they would be able to avoid a match against Whyte, which Tyson is not interested in anyway.