Jorge Masvidal reacted to Jake Paul's poor PPV figures

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Jorge Masvidal reacted to Jake Paul's poor PPV figures

Devastating numbers for Jake Paul surfaced today. Namely, the rematch between him and Tyron Woodley met with very poor sales of PPV. About 65,000 broadcasts have been sold in total, and this is a number that will shake the reputation of Jake Paul and all his theses about the great popularity and huge earnings he allegedly generates.

No one expected such a figure and most thought it would be much more watched, but it seems that Paul is not so interesting for the audience. In recent days, Jake Paul has often called out Jorge Masvidal, the UFC’s best welterweight.

He boasts of YouTuber figures of five million dollars that he was allegedly ready to offer to Masvidal, and "Gamebred" would earn a percentage of PPV sales. Paul promised his potential rival the biggest earnings of his career.

However, after the figures for the match with Woodley leaked, Jorge Masvidal has cooled down quite a bit about the match and considers Jake Paul a person who lies a lot about the numbers achieved by his matches. '' Bitch boy can’t afford the big boys Never again do I want to hear my name associated with the fake.

3 0 5 day is coming , '' Jorge wrote via Twitter. By the way, 305 is the area code for the Miami area. The Diaz brothers often use the number 209 which has the same purpose for the Stockton area they come from.

Jake Paul comment

The question is what kind of comment Jake Paul will have on all this.

In his first match against Tyron Woodley, he sold about half a million broadcasts. However, as they both played a rather bad match back then, it is not surprising that there was a sudden drop in interest. Jorge Masvidal would certainly attract much more interest than Tyron Woodley, but the problem for Paul is that "Gamebred" is obviously no longer interested.

The question now is how much this will affect Paul, who obviously thinks for himself that he is much bigger than he really is. We don't want to underestimate his success, and he really showed that he is a much better fighter than most people thought, but the question is whether that is enough for the very top.

Most resent him for not fighting real boxers, and that the fighters he was fighting in the ring were anything but real boxers. It would be interesting if there was a match with Masvidal, although the chances are almost nil for such a thing