French authorities have postponed the match between Tony Yoka and Martin Bakole

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French authorities have postponed the match between Tony Yoka and Martin Bakole

Many were looking forward to January 15 and the boxing event where Tony Yoka and Martin Bakole were to meet. It should be a big match between two potent heavyweights, where the Rio de Janeiro gold medalist would still be in the foreground.

But against a very serious opponent, a boxer who is actually of similar status and ranking to his own. Bakole has so far been defeated by Michael Hunter and has several very important matches behind him. Bakole has shown maturity in his matches and the skill he has.

This is a match that can take him to an even higher level, but still things will not go as they imagined That the match was big and the interest of the audience was confirmed by the number of five thousand tickets sold, but that was the problem that made the match postponed.

Namely, the French authorities have limited all indoor sports events to a maximum of two thousand people with the new COVID measures.


Yoka (11-0, 9 KOs) was set to claim the 12th victory of his professional career after defeating Peter Milas in September.

He has his entire country behind him and is slowly progressing towards the biggest matches, and it was believed that through Bakole he could be in a position to compete for one of the world titles in the spring of 2022. Now it will all move back a bit, and Yoka's promoter argues that the match should take place as soon as the conditions are created for the presence of all spectators who bought a ticket, without whom they simply do not want to move forward.

Martin Bakole (17-1, 13 KOs) has been associated with Filip Hrgović for a long time, but their match, despite the wishes of promoter Eddie Hearn, did not go beyond speculation and statements from both sides that they are interested.

Bakole thus accepted the match against Yoka, but now he will have to be patient with him. Unfortunately, there is no way we can get rid of that evil that has already brought us so much bad or unwanted news. Both fighters are probably maximally prepared and have worked hard for a match like this, which is one of the most important to them, but unfortunately, some bigger things manage the situation and we will have to be patient to wait for the match between these two great fighters.