Dana White: "Paul can test me for cocaine, if I can test him for steroids"

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Dana White: "Paul can test me for cocaine, if I can test him for steroids"

Fighting between Jake Paul and Dane White has become commonplace, especially through Paul’s attempts to bring one of the UFC fighters into the ring for his next appearance. As Dana White is the one who should give the green light here, and he has no such intention, Paul often honors him with some not very nice names.

One of his favorites is certainly “cokehead,” which is how he tries to characterize the UFC president as a regular cocaine consumer. White was probably already tired of listening to this, so in a conversation with Teddy Atlas, he made one suggestion for Paul.

"I have a challenge for you, Jake Paul. This guy keeps saying I'm on cocaine. Here's the thing. He can test me for cocaine at any time for the next ten years, if I can test him for steroids at any time in the next two."

"was the challenge White had posed. In addition, it is worth adding that the doping test has not been organized in any of Paul's matches so far. Many were surprised by this, since with all the money invested, hiring an anti-doping agency would be a trifle.

White on Paul

As Paul was the organizer of the matches, that is why many believe that it was all done for a reason, and the same ones will probably agree with White. On the other hand, Paul has repeatedly stated in the media that he never took anything illegal, not even before he started boxing.

Once again, White confirmed that it makes no sense for Paul to name the fighters under contract with his promotion because he will not get the opportunity to play a match against him as long as his employees. "There is no scenario in which I would allow Diaz or Masvidal to do a boxing match against him as long as they are under contract with the UFC."

"See how he is constantly looking for matches against all people who are not in his category, who are older than him or some shit like that. Go fight the boxer. Go jump someone else's leg, you idiot," he told him.

White has been quite fierce lately when it comes to various competitions. Apart from being ready to tell Paul everything, he doesn't choose words when he talks about Triller, a promotion that raised a lot of dust in the world of martial arts.

Currently, Triller is collaborating with a number of former UFC fighters, in its Triad Combat project, which will welcome its second release in February. These are matches between boxers and MMA fighters, with rules adapted in part to both sides.