The promoter claims that Tyson Fury will not fight Whyte

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The promoter claims that Tyson Fury will not fight Whyte

It seems that new boxing chaos is ahead of us, that is, that we have another situation where different sides claim different things. It's a match that Tyson Fury should play against Dillian Whyte and that the WBC, whose "Gipsy King" holds the championship belt, actually ordered.

The parties were given a little over a month to reach an agreement, and if the same does not happen, a fee auction will follow. But is that really so? We recall that the WBC did not originally declare Whyte a mandatory challenger, as the "Body Snatcher" is with them within the arbitration that was supposed to serve him to obtain that status in court.

However, in the end, they did it and now an agreement is awaited. But Fury promoter Frank Warren was confused by the statement that the match could not take place precisely because of the arbitration. In an interview with the IFL, he said Fury will fight in March or April and that there are four potential opponents, but that Whyte is not one of them.

"He can't be inactive because of the problem created by the arbitration between the WBC and Whyte. We have to find an opponent and then we'll move on. We're working on it and we'll decide soon. A lot depends on their availability," Warren said.

Then Warren turned to his big opponent, Eddie Hearn who is Dillian Whyte’s promoter and who said he was waiting for negotiations to begin. Warren argues that this is not possible until a fee split is agreed upon.


But again, this creates confusion because the WBC has a rule in case of a real and interim champion fight.

In that case, they share 55:45 percent. "We can't negotiate, whatever nonsense Eddie Hearn said about negotiations when the WBC didn't tell us what the division would look like." "He thinks in his head he's getting 45 percent, in ours it's 20.

We're guided by previous fees under WBC regulations." "The WBC will not give us those percentages until the arbitration is over. Until then, we will not negotiate, but we will organize a fight in April," Warren said.

It is not known at the moment what to do with the arbitration, just as it is not known whether Whyte can give up on it and accept the position ordered to him. A lot would be clarified if everything was explained by WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, but he has not touched on that topic so far.

It seems to us that Warren is hunting in the dark and is looking for any chance to secure Fury another match, as he has already stated himself that he does not see himself in the match against Whyte. According to WBC rules, after a match has been ordered against a mandatory challenger, he has the choice to do the same or leave the belt.