Woodley's coach: "Woodley didn't know what happened after the knockout"

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Woodley's coach: "Woodley didn't know what happened after the knockout"

Nine days have passed since Tyron Woodley’s second defeat in a match against YouTube fighter Jake Paul. The former UFC welterweight champion has badly damaged his reputation and ruined his legacy with two defeats from Paul.

The second defeat was especially difficult because Jake brutally knocked him out in the sixth round. Despite Woodley literally falling asleep after a hard blow, there are numerous theories accusing Tyron of doing it on purpose, that is, that the match was set up.

However, all the actors deny this and point out that Paul really knocked out a fighter who has successfully defended his belt in the UFC four times. One of those who also points out that this is not a set-up is Din Thomas, Woodley’s longtime coach.

‘‘ Listen, this whole theory makes me laugh. I was at his (Tyron’s) camp and I know how serious he was. He really wanted to win the rematch and he really wanted that match." "It was a serious thing.

If he threw (played), I wish they had told me that because then he would only show up at the post-match party. But that was not the case, it is a real not-setup fight. " explained Thomas to Sirius XM.


In the continuation of the conversation, Tyron Woodley's coach tried to further show how serious the knockout was.

Namely, according to Thomas, it took Woodley some time to come and understand what had happened. ‘‘ I think he went through a series of different emotions. I remember standing in the ring right after it happened and he was saying, ‘no, no, no, when am I going back to the match?’" "He didn’t even know at the time, he thought we were between rounds and for sure he wondered why there were so many people inside the ring, '' added Dean Thomas.

Despite a heavy defeat and convincing the public that this is a real match, Woodley is not helping the whole process by making fun of himself. Namely, the UFC champion awarded the author the best "meme" related to his defeat.

The winner received five thousand dollars. Probably he wants to show that the defeat did not affect him and that in fact, everything is a set-up. Obviously, the match is not set up, and that Paul is a really great boxer who has once again shown how capable he is in the ring. Woodley will have to work on himself