Chisora: ‘If you don’t want to watch me then don’t’

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Chisora: ‘If you don’t want to watch me then don’t’

Will Derek Chisora ​​retire after the defeat in the second match against Joseph Parker? Not at all! We can be sure of that after his statement for the IFL, where he rejected it, with a message to all those who think he should do it.

"I have a message for all those who write all this bullshit about retirement: Fu*k you! You're telling me to retire? If you don't want to watch me, then don't." "I know all those who love me will watch me too.

For those who feel sorry for me, the message is that you don't have to. Be happy for me because I'm currently living the best period of my life." "You don't have to feel sorry", wrote the Englishman who is still a lure for the crowd and who was loudly greeted despite defeat in the last match.

He added something else: "When I announce my next fight, tell everyone who wants me to retire not to buy tickets, just don't look at me. Don't bother, run. We don't need your negative vibes." Chisora ​​has been performing at a high level for a long time and has built himself up as a big name, although there is no victory over the elite boxer.


His character and style of fighting are what brought him here and he thinks that it is not fair that many believe that one should not even fight if he is not able to overcome the best. Although, he offered good resistance to everyone when he boxed.

That’s why he drew a parallel with the most popular football league competition. "That's the problem with us Brits. How many clubs are there in the Premier League, 20? The three of them will be the best of them.

So the remaining teams don't even have to play because they can't be the best because they won't always win? " "No one has to play the Premier League because he can't win it? " On December 29, Chisora ​​will turn 38, which is still not much for a boxer, especially a heavyweight.

And that’s why he still intends to fight. "I'm not going to fight in my forties, but I'm still well into my thirties so I'm going to fight. Everyone wants to know when I'm going to stop, but I don't know that either," Derek concluded. His appearance still attracts attention and shows that he is interesting to the public