Usyk's manager: "Usyk showed 60 or 70% of his abbilities in the match against Joshua"

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Usyk's manager: "Usyk showed 60 or 70% of his abbilities in the match against Joshua"

Almost three months have passed since the fight between Oleksandr Usyk (19-0-0, 13 KOs) and Anthony Joshua. In that match, the Ukrainian proved that he can handle even the best heavyweights in the world, and he defeated Joshua by a unanimous decision of the referees, after 12 rounds of exciting fight.

Usyk thus reached the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight belts. He only misses the WBC one owned by Tyson Fury. However, Usyk will almost certainly have to defend the belts against Anthony Joshua who desperately wants a rematch.

If Usyk manages to repeat his victory, only then could he face Fury. Although Usyk was quite convincing against Joshua, AJ wants a rematch and believes he has everything it takes to beat the Ukrainian. Tyson Fury is one of those who doubts that and invites Joshua to joint trainings, and Usyk's manager thinks that the victory of his fighter will be even more convincing in the return match.

Namely, Sergey Lapin, one of the members of Usyk's management team, believes that his boxer has not shown his maximum. ‘‘ I’ve known Alexander for over 20 years. I was with him and witnessed all his successes in boxing.

One thing that sets him apart from others is the way he processes information and the speed with which he adapts to the opponent standing in front of him"


"Sometimes it seems to me like he's from another planet.

’’ Lapin began for Mybettingsites, then looked back at his fighter’s capabilities. "Despite the fact that he has a lot of experience and a handful of fights behind him, he is constantly improving and getting better every day."

"I know what Usyk can do, and he showed 60 or 70 percent of his abbilities in the match against Joshua. Yes, Usyk can really be even better, "Lapin added. By the way, it is important to point out that Lapin is not just a manager.

He is a person who also has some coaching experience and a good understanding of boxing skills. Lapin also commented on Joshua's release in the match against Usyk. ‘‘ To be honest with you, I thought it was the best version of Joshua in years.

He is a strong character. All the belts were at the stake, and he went for all or nothing and lost. I don't understand why boxing skeptics say Joshua's wrong strategy is the reason for Usyk's victory. " In any case, the rematch will reveal a lot to us, and we still have to wait for the official date and a new fight between two great boxing heavyweights.