Sean O’Malley claims: ‘Tyron Woodley has totally ruined his legacy’


Sean O’Malley claims: ‘Tyron Woodley has totally ruined his legacy’
Sean O’Malley claims: ‘Tyron Woodley has totally ruined his legacy’

Impressions after the heavy defeat of Tyron Woodley in the match against Jake Paul are still not fading, nor will they fade in the future. A former UFC champion disappointed the MMA community twice this year by losing in a boxing match to YouTube.

Particularly disappointing was the knockout defeat he suffered last weekend. Tyron Woodley is a fighter who has defended the UFC belt as many as four times, and for a time he was compared to the legendary Georges St-Pierre.

Woodley liked to be called the best welterweight in history, although he certainly isn’t. Still, despite the fact that "T-Wood" is not the greatest welterweight in history, his MMA legacy is great and he is a future member of the UFC's Hall of Fame.

However, two defeats in matches against YouTube, which has two or three years of training behind it, and a total of three matches (before the first match with Woodley), are definitely something that has damaged his legacy.

O' Malley on Woodley

Sean O’Malley, a UFC bantamweight fighter, is one of those who agrees with that claim. Sugar considers such defeats unforgivable and does not see how Woodley can improve his reputation after this.

'' Man, that totally ruined his legacy. However, the question is whether it will greatly affect Woodley, or he may be indifferent to the issue and remain happy nonetheless, '' O'Malley said, referring to the 24-year-old YouTuber.

'' God, it's really cool to see what Jake is doing. He started boxing not so long ago, and through big matches he manifests how far faith in yourself can take you." "However, the importance of the hard work that Jake also does should not be forgotten.

It's pretty crazy to knock out Tyron Woodley after three years of boxing training, '' Sean explained in his podcast called TimboSugaShow. And really, we have to agree with O’Malley. Jake Paul surprised the entire boxing public with his performances and hard training.

In the beginning, most thought that Paul would be a failure and that he would be a punching bag, but he still proved to everyone that he is very ready and that great challenges and a great career await him. The only thing Paul needs to prove his power for the umpteenth time is an opponent from the world of boxing.

So far, he has not had an opponent who is a professional boxer and many resent him for that. Paul will still have the opportunity to show that victories are not a coincidence and that he is still a great talent

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