Andy Murray: "I admire the story of Muhammad Ali"


Andy Murray: "I admire the story of Muhammad Ali"
Andy Murray: "I admire the story of Muhammad Ali"

Andy Murray can be completely satisfied with the experience he had at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship. The former world number one has won two out of three games and only Andrey Rublev prevented him from winning the tournament.

The Scot clearly defeated Daniel Evans on his debut with a score of 6-3, 6-2. In the semifinals, the audience was then able to witness the super match between Murray and Rafael Nadal. The Spanish champion returned to the court in Abu Dhabi after the long stop that prevented him from playing in the latter part of 2021.

The two did not spare each other, but Murray won the match, finishing in two sets and stopped Nadal. The 34-year-old finally faced Rublev in the last act of the event. The Russian dominated the match until 5-4 in the second set, when Murray was good at taking advantage of the only chance his rival gave him and taking the partial to the tie-break.

Rublev, however, found his shots in his time of need and won the title. Murray talked about his future and one of his greatest passions in an exclusive interview with Eurosport UK. He said: "Passion for boxing? I love boxing and admire Muhammad Ali's story.

When he beat George Foreman to win the world title, everyone thought it was over, that he had absolutely no chance, everyone liked to criticize him. For me he was a source of inspiration." I just want to give it my all while still being able to play.

I have talked to a lot of former players who told me: When it's all over, nothing will be the same. So have fun while you can, play for as long as possible. Many withdrew and then repented. The fact that I am still able to compete with the best in the world with a metal hip makes me proud.

I think there are very few people who would be able to do that. Many people have told me that I am a source of inspiration. I love it when people say there's something I can't do or something I shouldn't do. This motivates me a lot.

Bret Hart: "I could have beaten André the Giant in WWE"

One of the most iconic WWF characters of the 80s and 90s was definitely André The Giant, a huge big man who met the WWE Immortal Hulk Hogan on several occasions, creating moments and storylines that have become historic for the whole world of pro-wrestling, with Hogan's bodyslam at Wrestlemania 3, right on André, who has become one of the planetary symbols of disicplina and known by young and old.

When the wrestling world needed truly defined babyface and heel, André was one of McMahon's top heels, with his feuds and his matches that were sought after by companies all over the world, with the French athlete who, despite being dead prematurely due to the illness that had made him so tall and impressive, he still had one of the longest-running, award-winning and most admired careers in the entire pro-wrestling world.

One of the great matches that is missing, however, in the history of André The Giant, despite the two having crossed paths in the WWF rings on some occasions, is the one between the first McMahon Hall of Famer and Bret Hart, with the Canadian who has wanted to talk about this missed opportunity in his last interview, always in the way that only Bret Hart can do.

Recently interviewed by the microphones of q in CBC, Bret Hart spoke at length about the beginning of his career and obviously in doing so he could also mention Hulk Hogan and André the Giant, who at the time were the most famous characters of the whole world of wrestling.

Regarding the challenge never had against André, Bret wanted to state: "I was a special kind of one-of-a-kind wrestler who changed the direction of wrestling and brought wrestling back to being wrestling and not just a thing of giant arms or how tall you had to be or what kind of physique you had to have.

I was a westler who was a wrestler, fans loved me for the wrestler I was and who could go against anyone. Bret Hart could have fought with André The Giant and maybe even beat him and it would have been believable. And it all comes from the way I developed being a wrestler."

Andy Murray

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