Artur Beterbiev hopes for a match against Canelo Alvarez

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Artur Beterbiev hopes for a match against Canelo Alvarez

Another winning edition, last Friday, was provided by Artur Beterbiev (17-0-0, 17 KOs). The undefeated Russian light heavyweight beat Marcus Browne (24-2-0) and defeated him with a stopage in the ninth round. Beterbiev is reputed to be one of the best light heavyweights in the world, and with a win over Browne, he continued a great run.

Namely, the fighter, a native of Dagestan, celebrated with a knockout in each of his 17 professional matches. Currently the light heavyweight champion according to the WBC and IBF, Beterbiev now hopes for the biggest possible matches, be it against either Dmitry Buffalo or Joe Smith.

However, another name emerges as a great choice for the next opponent. Canelo Alvarez (57-1-2), according to many the best boxer in the world and the owner of all belts in the super middleweight category, is ready to move to a higher category.

The great Mexican in 2019 won the WBO light heavyweight title, defeating Sergey Kovalev by knockout in the 11th round. Yet after that, Canelo descended into the super middleweight category in which he is the absolute ruler.

The 31-year-old Mexican, fought in five different categories, but a month ago announced his move to the highest category so far. Namely, Alvarez plans to move to the cruiser category (-90.7 kilograms). Still, the WBC has changed that due to the introduction of the bridgerweight category and according to the WBC, the cruiser’s upper limit is at 86.2 pounds.


He is almost seven kilograms above the limit of the light heavyweight category, the highest category in which Canelo has boxed so far. Although the Mexican has announced his transfer to the cruiser, Beterbiev hopes that the Mexican will estimate that it is too much for him and that he will settle in the light heavyweight category.

A Russian fighter often has trouble finding adequate opponents. However, Beterbiev is reputed to be one of the most dangerous boxers in the world, and Canelo loves to build his legacy. Therefore, it is not impossible that during 2022, we are looking at the two of them on opposite sides of the ring.

Beterbiev confirmed that he hopes for such an outcome. ‘‘ Listen, of course I’m open to fighting Canelo, if he’s planning to get back into the light heavyweight division. I always want to fight the best, and he’s a great boxer, ’’ Beterbiev told Boxing Scene, after defeating Marcus Browne.

It would be a really big boxing match, but time will tell what Canelo is. A lot is being asked of his team and promoters as well. Until then, Beterbiev can only wait or fight some of the existing competition within the category.