Molina feels ready for a fight against Jose Pedraza

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Molina feels ready for a fight against Jose Pedraza

Javier Molina and Jose Pedraza will fight on Saturday in the Junior welterwight main event. “I am excited and ready to put on a show,” Javier Molina told “I’m expecting the best Pedraza.

I have the momentum. We are coming to this fight confident we are going to win”. Javier Molina trains with his coach Robert Luna and is optimistic about the match “I have been working with my coach Robert Luna that I have had since the amateurs.

It’s been a good camp, our original gym was closed so had to look for another gym, a backyard gym. We are in LA so there is a lot of sparring. We are happy with this camp,” Molina said on his preparation for this fight.

"I feel I’m in a good position to fight for a world title. A win over Pedraza, I feel I’m deserving of a world title shot,” Molina stated."

Molina regrets his mistakes

Molina is aware of his mistakes from his early career and regrets them "I was fighting at 147 at that time.

I wasn’t really taking it seriously. I was walking around at 170. That weight wasn’t for me. It’s been a big difference. Now I am comfortable at 140,” Molina said. “There was also a lot of partying. I wasn’t in it.

It was my fault. I was undisciplined early on. I am fully responsible for my actions”. Two years away from the sport he found a job and was unhappy with the way things were going “In those 2 years, I got a job at the Smart and Final warehouse and my whole life changed.

I would go in to work at 7:30 pm and get out at 8am, sometimes I would work weekends. It was tough and I wasn’t satisfied on how my career ended up,” Molina on his two-years out of the ring. “I had a lot to give to this sport.

I had a family to provide for. It was tough times. I had opportunities to make things happen”. "I went 2 years without fighting and then Golden Boy got me a fight,” Molina said. “I have been on a streak and I’m planning to keep on winning" He commented on the fight with Amir Imam “Against Imam.

He was a tough hungry fighter. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, so we executed the plan and now we are here,” Molina commented on his last fight."