Woodley after the match: "Why the hell did I put my left hand down?"

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Woodley after the match: "Why the hell did I put my left hand down?"

After four consecutive defeats that cost him his job in the UFC, Tyron Woodley continued his losing streak in boxing as well. Both matches against Jake Paul, "T-Wood" lost, and today's defeat is especially painful and difficult.

YouTuber brutally knocked out the former UFC champion during the sixth round of today's match. Jake Paul’s right hand man is his strongest weapon, and that’s what Tyron Woodley felt today. Still, when you look at the slow motion footage, you can see Woodley lowering his left arm, just before Paul hit him in the head.

Of course, certain conspiracy theories about how Woodley did it (maybe it really is, op. Cit.) now wil be the main topic, but Woodley claims that it is not clear to him why he did it. During the press conference that followed the match, Tyron addressed the media after a heavy defeat.

‘‘ I told you I was in shape and I would look physically better than him. And it was like that. However, when I watched the replay, I wondered ‘why the hell did I put my left hand down?’ " I had both hands up, I was ready to block the shot, I knew it was coming.

I don't know why I did it. One mistake is enough in this sport. ’’ Woodley explained the moment he lost to Jake Paul and then refuted speculation that he was done with his martial arts career.

Strongest blow

‘‘ I’m not done.

Don't feel sorry for me. There will come a time when you will have to respect Jake’s name, ’’ Woodley said, and after that, he revealed whether this is the strongest blow he has received in his career.

"Nate Marquardt hit me with the strongest blow. That was probably the strongest blow I was hit with, "Woodley replied. By the way, Woodley and Marquardt fought back in 2012, for the Strikeforce middleweight champion.

Marquardt celebrated with a knockout in the fourth round, and "T-Wood" in the run-up to the match against Jake Paul, revealed that he never regretted not winning the Strikeforce belt. Tyron expressed admiration for the look of the belt of the former MMA promotion.

It’s a little sad to watch Woodley in the match like this. From 2016 to 2018, he was reputed to be the UFC’s best fighter and one of the best welters in UFC history. However, his career has abruptly gone downhill, and the question arises what is next for the 39-year-old