Jake Paul to White: ‘I embarrassed your whole company’

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Jake Paul to White: ‘I embarrassed your whole company’

Ever since Jake Paul appeared in the world of martial arts, his conflict with Dana White has started. Paul uses every opportunity to provoke or message any content addressed to the UFC president, while White is mostly unclear on the subject.

That is, it usually ends with White calling Paul with one of the words you use only in the case of people you hate. In such a relationship, of course, Paul's every opportunity to provoke is something he will use. A knockout win against a former UFC champion is certainly something Paul can build his story on.

But this time he turned his attention on the entire UFC, stating that with his performances like this he is tarnishing the entire biggest MMA promotion in the world. "I just knocked out a five-time UFC champion and embarrassed your whole company.

Please let me fight Kamaru Usman. Please give me Nate Diaz, give me Masvidal." "Oh, give me Conor McGregor, because I'm going to embarrass them all. I promise you that, Dana," Paul told the cameras shortly after the match against Woodley, addressing Dana White directly.

White had said shortly before that he had no intention of watching the match, as he got everything he needed to see in the first match. So Paul will hardly get any feedback this time.

Paul on MMA community

That was not all Paul said.

At the expense of this victory, he set out to further build his image, with the goal of winning a match against another MMA star, a match in which he could make the profit he believes he is capable of. The names he called out hardly coud bring him anything.

"He's a five-time UFC champion, and I've leveled him. Ben Askren is not a hitter, Nate Robinson is a basketball player. But the fact that I've proven my punching power on a sports legend is something that will scare people."

"That's why Masvidal and Diaz got up from their seats and left the hall. They didn't want me to jump out of the ring and head towards them. People should be afraid, this was a warning," he said, adding at the end: "Everyone is my target, no one is safe.

Hide your children, hide your wives. I'm like Santa Claus, I'll go down your chimney. And I'll make you all angry." Jake Paul continues with his provocations, but it is obvious that his good performances show that he has something to be proud of. Still, many believe the right exam for him would be a professional boxer, not an MMA star or someone else.