Joseph Parker dominated and convincingly defeated Chisora

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Joseph Parker dominated and convincingly defeated Chisora

For a long time, boxing fans will talk about the match that Joseph Parker and Derek Chisora ​​provided for the end of 2021. A match in which the New Zealander was a convincing and unquestionably better boxer, but he had a hard-core experienced player against him who simply did not want to fall.

In fact, Chisora ​​viciously threatened in some parts of the match so Parker had to be constantly fully focused. In the end, he succeeded and the impression was that he celebrated convincingly. Much more convincing than the referee's cards would say in the end.

But let's go in order. This time Parker opened the match a little more cautiously than when they met in May, aware that he must not receive a blow that would take the match in a different direction than the one they want.

He chose his shoots carefully and avoided Chisora's wild attacks. In the middle of the round, he hit a great shot on the right and it was clear that this time he has different plans. He won the match in May, but he was not happy with the performance, nor with the fact that it was very uncertain.

Chisora ​​opened the second round with a new rush, but Parker quickly calmed it down and continued to box very smartly, doing more and more damage to his experienced opponent. The second and third rounds were controlled by Parker, to pick up the pace in the fourth.

He worked superbly in that round until 45 seconds before the end of the same he sent Chisora ​​to the floor. This one returned to the match after the count and went to the corner. There he called Parker and closed himself completely to the guard, only to launch an attack just over ten seconds before the end of the round, and there were fierce exchanges, in fact a complete "brawl"

In the fifth round, Parker slowed down a bit and gave "DelBoy" a chance to do something in this match, while in the sixth round he started to move more and constantly score points. Parker was especially good in the seventh, up to halfway through the round when the new series once again sends Chisora ​​to the floor.

This time visibly shaken, he got up again and went to the corner once more. This confused Parker, who did not know how to finish the match in such circumstances. In fact, Chisora ​​returned once again with fierce attacks and even finished the round with a few very good shots.

The eighth round brought another count, but this time more at the expense of Chisora's fatigue, who was already hard on his feet. Derek did not give up, but this time he had an opponent against him who was not ready to allow him a chance to return.

Although, we have to admit that Parker did not refuse the action, it was actually seen that he really enjoys everything that he and his opponent were ready to provide.

End of the match

Chisora ​​showed some last signs of good boxing in the ninth round, before the end of which he had several good attacks.

But, again, it was only one segment, while most of the time it was still dominated by the former WBO world champion. Parker tried to find a way to end the match, but somewhere in the middle of the penultimate round he concluded that this would probably not be possible in this match.

He then reduced his initiative a bit, but he was still moving very well. Parker was ready for everything Chisora ​​could offer in this match and so he ended the match in which he had to take a convincing victory. To all who watched it was so, except obviously to the referees at the ring.

Their referee cards were 114-112, 115-111 and 115-110 for Parker. Particularly dubious is this 114-112, according to which Chisora took as many as six rounds, with the addition that Parker's victory was brought by the fact that he took two with a score of 10-8.

Rarely will anyone agree with the other two cards, although they are somewhat more convincing. One gave Chisora five rounds and also Parker two 10-8, while in the third Parker won three rounds 10-8, but also lost five.