Jake Paul brutally knocked out Tyron Woodley!

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Jake Paul brutally knocked out Tyron Woodley!

The YouTube boxing trend will continue for some time to come. Jake Paul literally sent Tyron Woodley to bed in a rematch they did in the early hours of Sunday. The 24-year-old YouTube star knocked out the former UFC champion in the second part of the sixth round.

Until that moment, the match was not significantly different from the first fight we watched at the end of the eighth month. Jake Paul celebrated in August with a split refereeing decision, and we watched a pretty bad and passive match.

The fighters were not much more active and of better quality this time either, but Jake Paul came to victory much more spectacularly. In the announcement of the match, Tyron Woodley said that Jake Paul was hitting really hard, and Jake's right hand was crucial.

Two minutes and 12 seconds inside the sixth round, Woodley ended up on the floor, brutally knocked out. The referee didn't even count, but quickly stopped the match to help Tyron. Jake Paul opened the fight with straight from a distance, while Woodley tried to keep his promise by announcing that this time he would be more active and aggressive.

Still, after just the first minute, Woodley slowed down and Paul successfully defended himself from an attack by the former UFC champion. During the second round, Paul hit Woodley with a good overhand, but not enough for something more concrete.


The third round brings a new experience for Jake Paul. After a lot of clinching that we watched throughout most of the match, Paul and Woodley collided head-on and Jake ended up with a cut on his forehead. Heavy bleeding is something Jake Paul has not met in his first four professional matches.

However, that did not bother him and he reached the knockout in the sixth round. In the title fight of the evening, Amanda Serrano (42-1-1) came away with her 42nd professional victory. The 33-year-old Puerto Rican celebrated against Spain's Miriam Gutierrez.

Serrano won by unanimous decision of the referees. 2022 is the right time for Katie Taylor (20-0-0) and Amanda Serrano to settle in the ring. The Irishwoman holds all the belts in the lightweight category, while Amanda Serrano holds all the belts in the lightweight category.

Taylor defeated Firuza Sharipova last weekend and said Amanda Serrano was her target. It would be an extremely big match for women's boxing. Great night for boxing fans who could really enjoy the performances of their fighters