Artur Beterbiev came to a new victory by knockout!

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Artur Beterbiev came to a new victory by knockout!

One of the deadliest boxers in the world continued his brilliant streak. Artur Beterbiev (17-0-0, 17 KOs) celebrated with a stoppage in the ninth round against American Marcus Browne (24-2-0). The fighter, a native of Dagestan, thus retained the WBC and IBF titles in the light heavyweight category (-79.37 kg).

31-year-old Marcus Browne is a dangerous light heavyweight and Beterbiev by no means had an easy opponent in him. According to Boxrec, Browne is the eighth light heavyweight in the world and holds the position of the first challenger on the WBC rankings.

In his resume, he has victories over several proven boxers, and among them stands out the name of Badou Jack (25-3-3). Still, Beterbiev proved to be too much for Browne. In the first part of the ninth round, the Russian fighter ended it all.

Browne ended up pressed into the corner of the ring after the opponent's left crochet and the last straight, and Beterbiev began with a many punches hitting the head and body of the visibly exhausted opponent. Relentlessly, Beterbiev hit, and the combination of his left hand into the body and then into the opponent's head made Browne kneel.

The referee counted down, and Browne realized he had nothing more to look for in this match and signed the capitulation. However, one of the main stories of this match is the huge cut on the head of Beterbiev. Browne and Beterbiev collided head-on during the fourth round and Arthur fought not only with Browne, but also with a big cut throughout most of the match.

However, that did not stop the former European (double) and world amateur champion from keeping his belts. "I don't mind blood. This is a fight and such things happen. I always go for a knockout, '' Beterbiev said shortly after the match.

It was that cut that seemed to wake Beterbiev up. Namely, the great Russian boxer entered the match a little slower. Browne carefully controlled the distance during the opening rounds and successfully avoided Beterbie's attempts.

Beterbiev style

It wasn’t until the end of the third round that we saw anything more concrete than Beterbiev when he pressed Browne against the ropes with a good combination. However, from the fourth round Beterbiev starts to throw in more speed.

The fighters, as already mentioned, collided head to head, and both received cuts. However, the cut on Beterbiev's forehead was clearly visible and his face was covered in blood until the very end of the match. Browne suffered a cut above his right eye, but after a doctor's examination on the eve of the fifth round, the boxers were allowed to continue.

Arthur Beterbiev's left crochet worked better and better, and often after hitting his left body into the opponent's body, he tied his right hand to Browne's head. The match was held in Canada, in Montreal, and Beterbiev ended the successful year 2021 with a victory, in which he also defeated the German boxer Adam Deines.

It is known that Beterbiev is having a hard time finding an opponent, but we can only hope that we will watch him next year against one of the remaining two champions. Dmitry Bivol (19-0-0, 11 KOs) is a WBA champion, while Joe Smith (27-3-0, 21 KOs) holds the belt in the WBO.