Jake Paul announced his move to MMA

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Jake Paul announced his move to MMA

We are getting closer to Jake Paul's fifth professional boxing match (4-0). The 24-year-old YouTuber is currently undefeated and is successfully building a boxing career through former MMA fighters. Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, renowned MMA fighters, were defeated in matches against Jake Paul this year.

Askren lost by knockout in the first round, while Woodley was defeated by a split referee's decision in a close match. The latter will get a chance to get revenge this weekend. Paul is often reprimanded for carefully choosing MMA fighters who are primarily wrestlers, then bringing them into the boxing ring and recording victories over renowned MMA fighters.

Jake is challenged to try his hand at MMA against such fighters, and the 24-year-old from Cleveland has revealed that he will most likely do a few MMA matches. ‘‘ People forget that I was a Division 1 wrestler in Ohio, the state with the best wrestlers.

I don’t see why I couldn’t do an MMA match at a high level if I can box at a high level." "Javier Mendez will be my coach, Khabib's team. That’s it, they agreed, ’’ YouTuber said.

Paul on MMA career

By the way, Javier Mendez is the head coach at the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA). According to ESPN, Jake Paul plans to record a double-digit number of wins, before making the transition to MMA. Jake also confirmed at a press conference ahead of the rematch against Woodley that he plans to try his hand at MMA.

YouTuber believes he could quickly defeat fighters like Woodley. ‘‘ If in two years I can learn to box and beat guys like him, why can’t I learn MMA in two years and beat fighters like him (Woodley) again.

It’s going to happen at some point, 100 percent. ’’ Paul said, and Tyron Woodley greeted that response with a smile. ‘‘ You’re lying. Let's do an MMA match then. Let’s do an MMA fight after we’re done boxing so I can kick you in the head with your elbows and your knees in your crotch.

He's lying. "Woodley replied. If Jake Paul continues to beat renowned MMA fighters, his transition to MMA will be even more anticipated. Tyron Woodley is a person who can stop or at least slow down all the "hype" around YouTube on the night from Saturday to Sunday, defeating MMA fighters.

Still, "T-Wood" will need a much better performance than the one he provided in the first match, and many are skeptical about his motives.