Tyron Woodley emphasized the strength of Paul's blow

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Tyron Woodley emphasized the strength of Paul's blow

Ben Askren was much resented when he ended up knocked out in the first round in the fourth month of this year, by Jake Paul. Many thought that Askren had set up the match, because during his MMA career he fought with a series of great hitters, and he was knocked out only by Jorge Masvidal.

However, Askren claimed that YouTuber hit him really well, and now Tyron Woodley has also confirmed that Jake Paul possesses a devastating blow. Namely, Woodley is meeting Jake Paul for the second time this weekend, after YouTuber celebrated with a split referee's decision at the end of August.

Ahead of the upcoming rematch, Woodley likened Jake’s power to the striking power of the former UFC champion. '' I've respected him since watching him against Ben Askren. Askren was hit by Lawler who knocked out a number of guys, but he failed to knock out Askren with MMA gloves."

"So when Paul did it with boxing gloves, of course I started to respect him, I was in Ben's corner, '' Woodley began in an interview with Showtime, and then made an additional comparison. '' I would compare him (Jake Paul) to Robbie (Lawler), to be honest.

Robbie had something we call chunky power. He didn't have to move much." "He could stand still and hit you with a good shot. You have to respect things like that, '' T-Wood added, in a statement that could raise a lot of dust among MMA fans.


Woodley is often criticized for his passivity. There are a number of MMA fights in which he disappointed with too little action and punches he directed at his opponents, and he often lost because of that. The same thing happened to him after the first match against Jake Paul, but the former UFC champion states that he is aware of that and announces changes in the return match.

'' From a boxing perspective, we weren't particularly active, neither of us. But from an MMA perspective, I worked harder than in my last fights." "I would like to be more active and throw more punches.

In training, we constantly worked on throwing as many punches as possible. '', Woodley announced the change we can expect in the next match. A lot of promise was made by Tyron Woodley ahead of the rematch against Paul.

From the very outcome where he stated that he will surely win this time to the point that he will provide a match with more action than is usual for him. Saturday night through Sunday will show us how much Woodley is a man of his word.