Joseph Parker: "If I can't beat Chisora, I have to really look at myself"

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Joseph Parker: "If I can't beat Chisora, I have to really look at myself"

Although he took the win from his first match against Derek Chisora, which took place on May 1 this year, Joseph Parker could not be satisfied. Already in the first round he ended up on the floor and in fact the whole match came down to correcting the impression of that start.

In the end, he succeeded in that and won with a divided decision. Seven and a half months later, the two of them will be back in the ring in the same place as the first time. And that in a match very important for the 29-year-old Parker, former WBO world champion.

He just has to do the job much better than in the first match. That is why he accepted the rematch. "I want to beat him convincingly this time. If I can't beat Derek, I should look in the mirror and think about what I want to do and where to go next after this," Parker told BBC Sport, adding: "I have a lot more to do, to give to this sport.

When the time comes I will know how to stop, but at the moment I can offer a lot more. " In the past, Chisora ​​was known for the show before matches, but with Parker there is none.


The New Zealander is a very nice and decent boxer, but many expected that this is why the grumpy Englishman will try to raise tensions a bit.

That didn’t happen before the first match, nor now. "I'm good with everyone, but it's like I used to be too nice before the fight. I've worked on it with my team and I'm ready. Chisora ​​has a reputation as someone who knows how to create tension, but he's always very nice to me."

"He showed a lot of attention to my family and me after the first match so now I don’t know if he’s actually trying to trap me and make me too nice, ”Parker’s thinking is loud. While he told himself that in case of defeat he would have to think about what to do with his career, the British media believe that Chisora, if he does not win, could decide to retire from boxing.

Parker doesn't think about it, but he did comment. "I have only respect for Chisora and what he did in boxing. Look at who he fought against and his character, he is a real star. People like to watch him because he always brings war.

If he retires, I wish him all the best," he confirmed. . Behind Chisora ​​is a long history of real wars in the ring. While we have to be realistic and say that he lost almost every major match, no one came out of the ring against him without feeling like he had done an extremely hard job. And that’s certainly to be commended and that’s probably why he kept his star status all this time.