Tyron Woodley explained why he didn’t finish Jake Paul


Tyron Woodley explained why he didn’t finish Jake Paul
Tyron Woodley explained why he didn’t finish Jake Paul

A great opportunity to save reputation, opened up to Tyron Woodley. Tommy Fury had to cancel his match against Jake Paul, and YouTuber decided to give Woodley a chance for a rematch. Namely, at the end of the eighth month, Jake Paul defeated the former UFC champion in a boxing match, and "T-Wood" sought revenge for months.

Although Paul was unwilling to give him the opportunity, some circumstances paired them up again. Woodley will be boxing against Jake Paul again on Saturday night, and the second defeat in a row might end his fighting career.

Many resent Woodley for not even bothering to win the first match, and the moment from the fourth round stands out in particular. Namely, Tyron then shook Paul, who ended up on the ropes, with his left hand, but Woodley did not manage to take the opportunity, that is, he remained passive and Paul recovered.

Tyron tried to explain why he did not show a "killer instinct" during his visit to the MMA Hour.


'' My shoulder hurt. I will not lie. I wanted to knock him out, but my shoulder was swollen before that and I was kind of waving at the pure savage energy I’m pulling out of MMA, ’’ Woodley began, then further analyzed the situation.

'' If you look at the blow, I hit him, and he bounced off the ropes back onto my arm. In a way, there was hyperextension of the elbow and shoulders. I had to get him to start throwing punches so he could hit the straight." "A similar thing happened to me against Demian Maia when I tore my labrum.

I couldn’t throw overhand and crochet because it put my shoulder in even greater danger. I wanted to keep hitting him. I couldn’t hit it with my main blow (overhand), but I wanted to hit him with a blow to finish him off." "However, I just couldn't, to be honest with you.

Still, I felt like I couldn’t let this kid beat me and so I kept going forward and trying to hit him. I think I succeeded in that and I feel that I won that fight, "T-Wood added. Unfortunately for him, he lost that match and in a way betrayed the MMA community.

It’s a bit bizarre that YouTuber, with extremely little martial arts experience, defeats veterans and former UFC champions. However, Woodley has the opportunity to at least somewhat silence all the "hype" around celebrity boxers, and many "haters" of this trend are once again hoping for "T-Wood".

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