Vasiliy Lomachenko easily dominated against Commey


Vasiliy Lomachenko easily dominated against Commey
Vasiliy Lomachenko easily dominated against Commey

Few people, watching the match between Vasiliy Lomachenko and Richard Commey, would assume that it was a clash between two world champions until recently. But the reason for that is actually easy to find. The Ukrainian once again managed to take control of the match from the beginning and take it exactly where his goal is.

It was another in a series of his matches where opponents fell into a trap from which they simply could not get out. Whatever Commey tried, it had no effect. Anyone who knows the character and work of the former double gold medalist, also one of the most successful amateurs in history, so it should come as no surprise.

His way of placing punches, but above all the work of his legs and the overall movement in the ring is something to which it is almost impossible to find the right answer. Especially if “Loma” is as motivated as he is in this match, as he knew victory would get him back to where his goal was.

Commey was competitive in this match only the first three rounds, although according to some general opinion he lost them as well. But he only managed to find some of his punches there, before the complete domination and boxing poetry of the grandmasters from Ukraine began.

Slowly, Lomachenko did damage to a very enduring opponent who at no point intended to give up But even the hearty Commey failed to stay on his feet after the bomb Loma delivered to him via a left crochet in the seventh round.

The Ukrainian then even told the corner of his opponent to give up the match and save Commey, but they did not. “Have you seen enough?” Loma exclaimed towards Commey’s corner that way, but without the effect he had hoped for.

Instead, Commey returned to the match and through a total of 12 rounds experienced a kind of boxing torture. We can’t call this schooling, as Commey went through every school he could through his great career.

Next step

This was simply a convincing dominance of a much better boxer.

Lomachenko has no any plans than to reach all the lightweight belts. Three are currently with George Kambosos Jr. and one with Devin Haney. Whether or not the two of them settle accounts with each other before then, Loma should get a chance to ascend the throne again in 2022.

He fell from it because of a match where he did not provide his real boxing, and the man who overcame him did not give him a chance for a rematch. Luckily, the belts are no longer the same, and whoever has them will realize that he cannot be the best until he proves himself against this grandmaster. We look forward to what follows.

Vasiliy Lomachenko

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