Official: Los Angeles Olympics without boxing!

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Official: Los Angeles Olympics without boxing!

The list of 28 sports that have been included in the program of the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles has been officially announced. That list does not include three regular sports so far, which is a big surprise, although all three have been going through problems for some time.

These are modern pentathlon, a sport that has been on the program of the Games constantly since 1912, then one of the flagships of the Games, ie weightlifting and finally the largest and most popular martial art, boxing.

All three sports will have the opportunity to repair the segments due to which they were removed from the Games by 2023, after which the commission will make a new decision on the inclusion of these sports in the program.

The problem of modern pentathlon is in one of the five sports it consists of, ie horseback riding. If it is removed and replaced by another sport, it is likely that this sport will be returned to the program. The problem with lifting weights has been the same for years, and that is the use of doping.

The bodies in charge of this sport will not have much time to put this segment in order. Unfortunately, weightlifting in recent years has become a sport most marked by the violations of athletes in terms of the use of illicit substances.


Of course, we are most interested in boxing, whose problems we have been witnessing for years. They are primarily about a biased refeering that has led to many dubious decisions over the years. Scoring in favor of boxers from major sports forces, as well as the so-called.

debt repayment through referee scoring has called into question the regularity of one of the oldest and most popular sports. The situation in boxing has started to be resolved and at this year's World Championships in Belgrade there were fewer dubious decisions than at several previous competitions of the best boxers, but there were still dissatisfied.

AIBA has made some moves though and a lot will depend on some of the next tournaments to be organized by the main boxing body. Leaving boxing from the Olympics would be a big blow to the sport that has been on the program since St.

Louis in 1904. We expect that there will be big changes in boxing and that we will not watch such scenes again, because it is really unthinkable that such a sport will not be at the biggest show.