Mike Perry got into a fight with a fighter in the audience!

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Mike Perry got into a fight with a fighter in the audience!

Recently, Mike Perry left the UFC after five years in the promotion, where he was one of the more active fighters, having done 15 fights in the Octagon. The next step in his career was the BKFC, which knowing his martial habits seemed like some natural sequence.

It is not yet known exactly when he will debut in their ring, but he had his first fight as a BKFC fighter at their show. The BKFC held a small event in Tampa, Florida, where Perry was among the guests. So he was invited to the commentary booth, where he was supposed to talk about his plans for the promotion.

At one point he was hit by an object from the audience, which was apparently directed by another BFKC fighter, Julian Lane. Lane had something to say to Perry several times before that. We know Perry doesn’t need much for any reaction so we’re not surprised he took off his headphones and went to the auditorium to do it his way.

Of course there was a brief conflict with the fists before the fighters were separated. Some cameras also managed to capture what happened. Is that BKFC’s way of promoting the obviously inevitable fight between these two welters? Seeing that similar methods are obviously not foreign to them, anything is possible.


But we won’t argue without evidence, especially since we know Lane isn’t a man known for controlling his emotions either. Yes, this is the fighter from the 16th season of "Ultimate Fighter" who could not wait for his turn to fight, so one evening he decided to start a fight in the house with the fighters.

"Let me bang bro" we all remember very well, and he became famous for that sentence, and for the most part, he got various engagements at that expense, including this one in BKFC. He is currently in the promotion and he has a score of three wins and four defeats and has a contract appearance for January 29.

He has shown many times how interesting a fighter he is and that he attracts the attention of the public, which is certainly a big plus in the sport in which he is. He knows very well how to arouse interest and how to be the center of attention, but we will see if he will show and dominate his opponent in the ring as well. There is not much time left until the fight