Tyron Woodley: "No more kidding, I'm going to knock him out now!"

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Tyron Woodley: "No more kidding, I'm going to knock him out now!"

Many were surprised when Jake Paul chose Tyron Woodley as his opponent after Tommy Fury canceled their match due to injury. Paul won against Woodley at the end of August, only to declare that a rematch was not an option for him, as he believes that there is no public interest in it.

In the end, however, Woodley received an invitation, which fulfilled his wish, that is, what he started looking for the moment the referee's decision of the first match was announced. Now Woodley has announced the match, which will take place on December 18, through several statements within the "story" on his Instagram profile.

In this way, he promised the fans a much better edition and, of course, victory. "I want you all to know how excited I am about this match. Besides, I want you all to know what I said to my coach in late September or early October.

My spirit is not in a good place." "The fight that was supposed to happen is between Jake and me. It's all with Tommy Fury it makes no sense. Who cares about that fight? Nobody!" "This fight is an unfinished business.

I feel like I won the first match as well, "said Woodley, who was fiercely disappointed with his performance in the first match.

Knock out

Tyron was most resented for his passivity in the fight, as well as for not attacking more fiercely after shaking Paul, but instead even retreating, literally allowing him to recover and return to the match.

He reaffirmed that this time by not being an option. "Do I want to knock out that a**hole? Yes, I want to knock him out badly, I wanted to knock him out last time. But what happened happened, and from the beginning, I feel like this is a movie."

"That's why I told my coaches that there is something wrong and the fight against Fury isn't going to happen. Let's train like we're contracted for this fight. I've brought my coaches from Miami to St.

Louis before. As soon as I felt that, we started preparing." This time Paul added a novelty to Woodley's contract. If the former UFC champion wins by knockout, he will receive an additional half a million dollars in his fee.

And he is confident he will do it this time. "I know my inner spirit has never deceived me. It's my intuition. It was funny when they called me convinced I was out of shape. They think I'm fat, I'm fat and I'm not ready. I was ready for that call and I am grateful for that! ", he confirmed, to end fiercely: