Vasiliy Lomachenko: ‘The goal is to be an absolute champion'


Vasiliy Lomachenko: ‘The goal is to be an absolute champion'
Vasiliy Lomachenko: ‘The goal is to be an absolute champion'

This weekend, Vasiliy Lomachenko will do his second fight in 2021. After winning against Masayoshi Nakatani at the end of June, with a wonderful presentation of his skills, the Ukrainian will have to close the year with an equally good performance against Richard Commey.

Of course, he will need to do that if he wants to remain at the very top of the incredibly exciting lightweight category. There was a big change there two weeks ago, when George Kambosos Jr. took three championship belts of Lopez, in addition to the controversial "franchise" belt of the WBC organization.

Lopez created another surprise match earlier by defeating "Loma". A situation is now being created where Loma could get a chance to return those belts. This will happen if he defeats Commey, and the Australian and his promoters choose him as an opponent and start negotiations.

"We'll see if that fight can happen, I have to do the job against Commey first. Of course, I want that match," Lomachenko told Sky Sports, adding: "Belts are what I want, that's my goal in boxing. I want to be the absolute champion.

" Lomachenko also said something about that in a great video that Venum shot with him. There he said something that makes a lot of sense, especially with sports fans. "You can't call yourself a world champion if you only hold one belt.

You're a world champion, a real-world champion, only if you hold four belts." "With one, two, or three you're not a champion, you're just very close to becoming one," he said

Is Loma the best?

Lomachenko will ask Commey to upgrade what he showed against Nakatani.

If that happens, he will again be a very relevant candidate to attack the throne. In addition, those most ardent martial arts fans enjoy his matches and with good reason, he is one of the most popular boxers among them. Is Loma really the best? We hope that he will have the opportunity to prove it, especially when he does not want to talk about such a thing.

"I don't want to talk about myself. It's a question for fans and for people who understand boxing. My job is to always provide the best I have and present my boxing style in the best way," he replied diplomatically. We have been writing for a long time that the lightweight category is by far the most exciting in the world of professional boxing.

Now that staying in the same has been officially announced by Gervont Davis, maybe some big matches of the biggest stars are finally starting to be negotiated. In time, then, you may finally get the absolute champion, if not in the next match. It is an option to start negotiations between Kambosos and Devin Haney, WBC champions.

Vasiliy Lomachenko

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