George Kambosos announced cooperation with Volkanovski

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George Kambosos announced cooperation with Volkanovski

As a fairly big outsider, George Kambosos Jr. won. in the match against Teofimo Lopez and thus not only brought three belts of the lightweight world champion into his possession. He received a lot of media attention because he is the one who is talked about the most in boxing circles.

But not just in boxing. He also received an invitation to Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour, and he accepted that invitation. There he talked about how much he knows about MMA, but also about his relationship with Alexander Volkanovsky.

Namely, both of them come from the Australian province of New South Wales, which now has two champions in martial arts. "I'm a big fan of the UFC, I love MMA. In fact, I love every martial art. I'm also on good terms with Alexander Volkanovski.

He's been supporting me for a while, and I'm supporting him." "I told him I'd be back home with those belts and look what we have now. He's the UFC king of the lightweight category and I'm the king of the lightweight boxing category.

Of course, we'll help each other, "Kambosos revealed. It is worth mentioning that in boxing there is a light category with a limit of up to 61.5 kilograms, while the lightweight category of MMA is up to 66 kilograms.

Joint training

So Volkanovski will be a harder fighter in their joint training, which George announced, and it could certainly help him even more. "We will organize it as soon as I get home. My intention is to do more things together and sharpen up.

His hands are already great, but a little more quality will always help." "He will definitely improve my game at a shorter distance and in the clinch. Who knows, maybe eventually in the future you see me in the UFC and him in the boxing ring.

You never know, "he said with a smile. That's where Helwani got caught and tried to find out if George was really serious about something like that. He got the answer that was actually to be expected. "We will see in time, I can only say that we will see," concluded George, who now faces the mission of maintaining this status.

After he became the owner of three belts, the target was placed on his back. And now he has yet to build his career according to heights. He came to the throne, but the greatest are those who stay on it as long as possible.