Mayweather on Canelo: ‘That guy chooses fights, I won with ease’

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Mayweather on Canelo: ‘That guy chooses fights, I won with ease’

Floyd Mayweather Jr. retired four years ago with a 50-win win from just as many matches, making him unquestionably leave boxing as one of the greatest of all time. He has mastered all the best boxers within his categories, during the time of his activity and no one can dispute his greatness.

Likewise, no one can dispute the results currently being achieved by Canelo Alvarez. The 31-year-old Mexican is currently arguably the world’s best boxer and absolute super middleweight champion. Even Floyd did not unite all the belts of one category during his career, which Canel managed to do.

There are really few who don’t appreciate everything he’s currently doing, but Floyd seems to be one under them. Mayweather defeated Canelo in their match held in September 2013, selling two million and 200 thousand broadcasts, which is arguably the highest number for any Mexican match.

It is also his only defeat in his career, and it is on this that Mayweather builds a story through which he tries to degrade his former opponent. "Look at a guy like Canelo Alvarez, he can choose who he wants to fight against.

And now I'm going to tell you the truth about Canelo. That a**hole is easy." " A walk, an easy job. Sit there and praise him out loud. The boy is nothing. I was almost 40 years old when I cooked him and it was very easy, "Floyd told reporters


Mayweather was convincing in his triumph this way and many believe he could have won all 12 rounds.

However, some of the facts he stated in his speech do not hold water. First of all, he was almost 40 years old. Floyd entered the match at the age of 36 and seven months, which many would say is still the "prime" age for a boxer, ie those where strength, fitness, experience, and intelligence can be used to the best of their ability.

In addition, Canelo entered their first match as a 23-year-old who has not yet built his constitution, as evidenced by the fact that today he could probably not even return to the middleweight category. In addition, today, ie eight years later, he is also a much more experienced and technically better boxer.

Floyd’s win in their match was clean, but we just can’t escape the impression that Floyd can’t watch Canelo in peace breaking record after record. The defeat in their match has already been forgotten by many and it is probably what the once best in the world can hardly get over.