Gervonta Davis achieved victory in the fight against Isaac Cruz

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Gervonta Davis achieved victory in the fight against Isaac Cruz

Another exam is behind 27-year-old Gervonte Davis (26-0, 24 KOs), an exam that proved very serious, and the undefeated WBA regular lightweight champion for the second time in his professional career had to obey the referee’s decision before heading off to celebrate.

Isaac Cruz came to win and in fact, was not even far from it, but the quality was decisive in some parts of the match. Cruz came boxing without respect, we would say the Mexican way. The most difficult match for Davis in his career so far, he provided constant attacks and kept a high pace, presenting an enviable fitness condition.

Davis is undoubtedly a technically better boxer than the 23-year-old Cruz (22-2-1, 15 KOs), which he cleverly countered with the style of his boxing. Davis hit better shots throughout the 12 rounds, while quantity seemed to be on his opponent's side, although CompuBox eventually provided information that Davis hit 11 straight more and one "power blow" more.

Middle of the fight

The best period in the match for the title defender was certainly the middle of the same when he had the distance he needed and we can say that these were convincing rounds that decided. As if he felt he had the advantage, Davis became more and more passive as the end of the match approached, while Cruz got the stands in Los Angeles on his side with continuous attacks.

They both had their hands in the air after the match, but there can only be one winner, and Davis has become unanimous. 116-112 and twice 115-113 was the scoring of the referees, with which Cruz disagreed. A realistic view of the match, however, leads to the conclusion that the Mexican seemed too wild at times, while "Tank" showed that he is not only a knockout guy but that he can box with opponents where it is necessary to keep a calm head and constant focus.

Davis has been walking around the categories lately, so we can’t know what might follow him, but it’s definitely worth mentioning how he got Ryan Garcia’s call. Cruz is only 23 years old and this match is the best possible advertisement for his future, so this will certainly not remain the biggest performance in his career.

We believe that many more will come in time. If he continues at this pace, he will surely become a big boxing name that will be talked about in the future