Mike Tyson wanted to face a gorilla for $ 10,000!

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Mike Tyson wanted to face a gorilla for $ 10,000!

Mike Tyson wanted to face a gorilla! Back in 1989, in order to give to his former wife Robin Givens a romantic evening, he booked an entire zoo for a private visit. Waiting to return to the ring in November at 54 years-old for a meeting with Roy Jones Jr, Iron Mike told that when they arriving at the gorilla cage, they saw that the most massive of animals was a big male, which was subduing everyone the others.

AT that time 23 years-old and holder of the WBA heavyweight title, he decided to intervene: "They were so powerful but their eyes were like an innocent child - explained Tyson - So I offered the guardian $ 10,000 to open the cage and allow me to break the face of that gorilla.

He refused." Most recently, in training, Tyson appeared on Discovery Channel's Week of the Shark program. In the videos published on Twitter you can see the challenge of the champion who, accompanied by a couple of instructors, dived into the sea surrounded by sharks, even managing to immobilize one.

Who knows if his exploits with animals will become part of the film that Martin Scorsese is shooting, with Jamie Foxx in the role of the protagonist. In the past Tyson has also lived with various wild animals, and in particular tigers (three animals from Bengal, all given away.

In particular, his beloved Kenya, who had lived with him since she was a puppy, paid about 64,000 euros, also because the boxer had the habit - as told by a friend of his, Jeff Fenech - of locking visitors in the cage with the animals: "Even if there aren't many things that scare me, let's say that, when I got out of the cage, I had to change my underwear”.

Tyson also had a puma, as well as pets such as dogs or pigeons.

Tyson and Jones Jr.' s match postponed to 28 November

Meanwhile the exhibition match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. will not take place on 12 September as originally planned, but the organizers have decided to postpone it to 28 November to allow for a greater influx of crowd.

The challenge that marks Iron Mike's come back to the ring 15 years after the last time will have to be a memorable event, for this reason it was decided to move him by two and a half months, in order to overcome the Coronavirus emergency and fill the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, home of the eagerly awaited event.

The match will be held on 8 rounds and will mark a new start for Tyson, who will return to fight 15 seasons after the last match played in 2005, lost to Kevin McBride. That after all the speculations have become reality. Mike Tyson, 54 years-old, will come back on the ring.

The boxing champion will challenge Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition match, an eight-round preparatory match. Iron Mike had hinted at his come back a few months ago when in a short video posted on his Instagram profile he was seen during a training session with his coach.

At the end of the video he turns to the camera and growls at the lens: "I'm back" His last match dates back to 2005.