Michael Hunter avoided defeat against the outsider

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Michael Hunter avoided defeat against the outsider
Michael Hunter avoided defeat against the outsider (Provided by Sport World News)

Michael Hunter (20-1-2, 14 KOs) avoided his second career defeat, the first since joining the heavyweight division. He played a match far below expectations in the match held at the Triller Verse IV sports and music event, especially if all the circumstances surrounding the match and the choice of the opponent are taken into account.

The World Top 10 heavyweight was a big favorite against Jerry Forrest, who jumped into the match just two days before the event after Mark de Mori was left without a license to perform. Hunter did not justify that in any way.

In fact, in the final rounds, he had to draw a match in which he was on the verge of defeat. After starting his collaboration with Triller this summer with a win over Mike Wilson, a boxer not very noteworthy, Hunter had to confirm in this match why Triller gave him a rich contract for which he canceled the match against Filip Hrgović.

Instead, he spent most of the first half of the match running around the ring looking for an answer to the incredibly aggressive and, despite jumping in as a replacement, very ready Forrest.


Hunter had his moments in the first six rounds and could hope that some referees awarded him points, but it was clear that he is in a very difficult position before the last four.

He started to move better in the end, but Forrest continued to hit amazingly. These were rounds that were difficult to score, although Hunter certainly raised the quality of his boxing. He did his best, however, in the fully open tenth round, where they both looked for what they needed to win.

At the end of the match, there were four hands in the air, that is, they were both convinced that they had done enough. In the end, none of them did enough to win. One referee scored 96-94 in favor of each boxer, while the third scored 95-95, for a draw divided by the decision of the referees.

The boxing public is disappointed with Hunter's performance and many believe that the referees looked through his fingers, literally asking how to score some rounds for him and that he could or should have lost this match.

Triller have invested a lot of money in him and his performances like this are not in their favor. What goes in their favor is the excitement that the match has brought and that no one can dispute. But on paper, this was supposed to be one dominant play of “Bounty Hunter”.