Hunter vs Forrest: Who is better at the moment?

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Hunter vs Forrest: Who is better at the moment?

The next night is scheduled to feature the Thriller Verz 4 show, a new in a series of performances by a new player on the martial arts scene, the Triller, which consists of a combination of boxing matches and a music program, most commonly “rap battles”.

Although it sounds a bit strange, for now, the concept has proved to be a complete success, and one of the boxers who performed at such an event is Michal Hunter. Due to his contract with Triller, the top 10 world heavyweight left the agreed match against Filip Hrgović and has so far defeated Mike Wilson in the Thriller Ring.

His new match will take place tonight, but not against the boxer who was supposed to be his opponent. Interestingly, only after the match was canceled, we find out that it was about Marco De Mori (39-2-2, 35 KO), a 39-year-old Australian.

De Mori is remembered by many for the 2016 match against David Haye, who lost smoothly. Then, by the end of 2019, he had nine victories, after which he performed only once. It was in April this year when he defeated Hungarian Laszlo Papp, and an even bigger surprise happened this summer when the WBA included him on its list of heavyweight challengers.

Reactions from the world of boxing were mostly very negative. Just a few days ago, the famous boxing "insider", Mike Coppinger, stated that De Mori is still waiting for the permission of the New York commission to perform.


In the end, he did not get it, that is, according to the American media, they assessed the match as inadequate, ie the Croatian Australian did not get a permission The Triler reacted quickly and found a replacement, and that will be Jerry “Slugger” Forrest.

Forrest jumped into the match only two days before the match, but he successfully did everything necessary and will enter the ring against Hunter. In the end, the only question is where Hunter makes sense for matches like this, especially since he is a boxer from the very top and a candidate to attack the world title.

Obviously, the money Triller gave him is so big that the choice of opponent doesn’t matter at all. And who knows, maybe they are preparing a special surprise for him next year. If we do not count the debacle they experienced with the match between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr., almost everything that Triller has done in boxing so far has resulted in satisfying audience interest. They work unconventionally and not very close to the sport, but obviously successfully.