George Kambosos wants to defend his titles in Australia

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George Kambosos wants to defend his titles in Australia

A lot changed the moment George Kambosos Jr. got into his possession the belts of the WBO, WBA, and IBF lightweight champions. In a way, it got rid of Teofimo Lopez, who seemed to have taken off too much with his demands and it would be difficult to hold a match for the absolute champion as long as he is in the game as one of the belt holders.

As he is now left without them, it is clear that things are different. It is also important to note that no rematch clause was agreed with Kambosos. All this for one very simple reason. Teofimo will also officially move to the super lightweight category (up to 64 kg), the one in which there is an absolute champion.

This is British Josh Taylor. Such intentions were confirmed by his father, Teofimo Lopez (senior).. "We're definitely going to the 64kg category. We'll do the match in February and then fight Josh Taylor. This match doesn't change anything," he said, as it was actually a plan from the start, referring to his son's defeat: "Everyone knows that Teofimo won that match.

And everyone was upset, they resented the decision. This defeat suc*s. I would score him 10-2 or 9-3." "But we will continue to do what we did, sell-out halls like this. I don't blame my son. We've been in this category for too long, eight years, it's time to get up.

" Lopez may have had some things mixed up in his head. The displeasure of the audience did not appear after the decision but after his son took the microphone money from the champion to give all the impressions.


As for Kambosos, he has a plan.

He will be leaving for Las Vegas this coming weekend, where he will attend an event led by Devin Haney with a match against JoJo Diaz. As Haney is the owner of the remaining championship belt, Kambosos is automatically a very desirable opponent.

"Of course I'm interested in that match, but it has to take place in Australia. I went the hardest way, I went through a lot outside of my home." "Now I have everything I came for. If they want their chance, let them come to me," Kambosos said It seems like George could fulfill his wish, and the options for the opponent are two.

The first is of course Haney, who has to do his job against Diaz first. The second is of course Vasiliy Lomachenko, whom Teofimo did not give the opportunity to return the belts to his ownership. George could be more open here, especially if one of the organizations whose belts he owns decides to declare the Ukrainian a mandatory challenger.