Tyson Fury wants Joshua to leave Usyk to him

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Tyson Fury wants Joshua to leave Usyk to him

Quite convincing was Oleksandr Usyk at the end of the ninth month, against Anthony Joshua. Everyone knew that the undefeated Ukrainian was a fantastic boxer, but certain questions arose, especially because of the difference in weight and strength.

Usyk moved into the heavyweight division from a cruiser where he unified all the belts. However, Joshua has a reputation as one of the best heavyweights in the world and is physically imposing. Despite everything, Usyk made great use of his advantages in speed and technique and in the end celebrated with the unanimous decision of the referees.

AJ is ready to activate the option for an instant rematch and it seems like something the Briton will surely take advantage of. However, Tyson Fury hopes that will not be the case. The ‘‘ Gypsy King ’’ has long hoped for a match against Joshua.

Fury is aware of how popular AJ is in the world of boxing and that it would be a fight that would attract probably the most attention in the heavyweight division. However, Tyson Fury is worried that Joshua will lose again, and then the chances of him fighting Joshua himself drop drastically.

Tyson Fury on Joshua and Usyk

‘ I'd prefer (Anthony Joshua) to just let me fight (Usyk). Because if Joshua goes in again and loses, which I think he will, that fight's dead in the water for me. You don't lose two fights and then go into a massive heavyweight title fight."

. ’’ Fury told Boxing Lowdown, then further clarified his plan. ‘‘But if he lets me fight Usyk and I batter Usyk, then I'd come back and fight Joshua, batter him as well. Then, I can just f*** off and they can all fight for the belts.

I'd retire. " Indeed, if Joshua loses to Usyk again, his credibility at the top of the heavyweight division will further decline. Tyson Fury obviously has no intention of staying in this sport for long, and the match against Joshua is his biggest wish at the moment.

However, it seems that Joshua's sporting spirit currently overpowers everything else and he desperately wants revenge on the Ukrainian. Time will tell if that was a good decision. We believe that Joshua learned a lot from the last match and that he understood his mistakes.

This time the tactics will be significantly different, but whether it will be enough to win, we still do not know