Lopez takes Kambosos' microphone: "I deserved to win"

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Lopez takes Kambosos' microphone: "I deserved to win"

Throughout the past week, Teofimo Lopez has spoken in his plans for the near future, as if the match against George Kambosos has already been done. So he sent messages to potential opponents, and at one point he stated that he would disacard the championship belts he owns and change the category.

The belts will not have to be discarded in the end, as he lost them in a fair fight inside the ring. George Kambosos Jr. is the new IBF, WBA, and WBO lightweight champion, while Lopez will have a lot to think about while waiting for what follows.

But, initially, he will have to think about how he did the match because after the end of the match, he obviously did not have a realistic view of what was happening in the ring. While Kambosos was giving his first statement, in which he called Lopez a true champion, trying to pay his respects, Teofimo came and wanted to say something.

In fact, he turned the microphone toward him.

Teofimo's statement

"Hey. You're a great fighter, but I won tonight. Everyone knows that. The referee raised my hand, I won. I don't care what others say, I won tonight."

"At the end of the day, I was here and did what I need. I'm not a bad loser, I know how to accept victories and defeats. I did my best and I don't care what others say. I'm on a mission to take over boxing and I will continue to do that," Teofimo said and instead of support, he received a sign of disapproval from the audience.

Teofimo added that he believes the match was won 10-2, even saying an impossible 11-2. Fortunately, the referees did not agree with that, and their opinion was shared by fans and the media, who reacted with displeasure to Teofimo's statement.

Teofimo Lopez is unquestionably a great boxer and a great talent who has not yet fully fulfilled his potential. But a problem arose where he put the ego in the foreground, largely under the influence of his father, Teofimo "Junior" Lopez, who by his actions and statements had already resented almost everyone he could resent.

He will also have to control his future actions after this. Of course, if he doesn’t want to continue doing harm to his own son Apparently, despite saying that he did not take the defeat hard, this was very difficult for Teofimo, who must change something.