Terence Crawford and Shawn Porter had no luck with PPV sales

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Terence Crawford and Shawn Porter had no luck with PPV sales

It was expected that the match against Shawn Porter should finally place Terence Crawford in terms of popularity where he belongs. The former absolute champion of the super lightweight category and the current WBO welterweight champion is one of those boxers who have everything in the ring.

Quality, technically very attractive style of fighting and represents a real athlete, but this is clearly not enough to reach the status he deserves in terms of popularity and financial success of his matches. Looking at how he had Shawn Porter against him in the last match, a boxer who had participated several times in matches whose sales were satisfying, it was believed he could finally break some boundaries.

But in the end, Crawford seems to have achieved even weaker sales than for the matches against Amir Khan and Viktor Postol, his two PPVs so far, which have failed to reach 200,000 transmissions sold. According to the American media, the number of broadcasts sold for the match against Porter is between 135 and 160 thousand.

That's a figure achieved by the UFC's weakest PPV "fight cards" and incomparable to Terence's main contender for the pound-for-pound position as the world's best boxer, Canelo Alvarez, is doing in terms of transmission sales.


Canelo recorded 800,000 broadcasts sold for the match against Caleb Plant. By comparison, Fury and Wilder sold $ 650,000 for their last match. This year, boxing has remained below the MMA, ie the UFC, whose PPV numbers are still excellent, despite the obvious declining interest in the aforementioned platform for monitoring sporting events.

Crawford’s contract with Top Rank Promotions has expired and he is currently looking for a promoter who can secure him a big match, in the foreground, it would be against Errol Spence. However, after these figures, he must be aware that there will be a B side in the distribution of income.

There is a very good sample to compare, and it is the sales broadcast of Spence’s match against Porter, which was twice as big as “Bud’s”. And that’s something Terence in his quest for fame needs to be aware of.

It is obvious that as much as possible must be done to promote boxing because in recent times boxing has lost a lot of popularity. The UFC has taken the lead, and currently, the most money is made in the UFC. Boxing organizations have to do something about this and return the interest to the fans because boxing is a much older sport and we know how popular it used to be.