The manager of the great Cuban: "He can defeat Tyson Fury"

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The manager of the great Cuban: "He can defeat Tyson Fury"

Slowly and surely over the past four years, Frank Sanchez (19-0, 13 KOs) has been building his way to relevant positions on the heavyweight professional boxing rankings. Starting immediately with performances in the American rings, from September 2017 to August 2019, he achieved 13 victories.

Shortly afterward, he won the North American WBC title and then defended it three times. He reached 18-0 by October this year but was not tested in the right way until a match against Efe Ajagba was arranged for him in the opening program of the third match between Fury and Wilder.

Ajagba has been promoted for several years as one of the greatest talents in the world and entered the match of the two undefeated as the favorite. Still, Sanchez did a great match and outscored the Nigerian, inflicting the first defeat of his career and automatically taking over his hype.

The 29-year-old Cuban has become the boxer in question and someone who sets out to look for bigger matches. He entered some standings, while according to BoxRec he became the 16th heavyweight in the world.

Next match

He has already arranged the next match.

On the first day of next year, he will perform at a show led by Charles Martin and Luis Ortiz and will be opposed by Carlos Negron, a proven upper-middle-class boxer and a new good exam for Sanchez. But his manager Mike Borao thinks Sanchez is ready for a lot more.

"Frank Sanchez is one of the most active high-class boxers today. He was a co-title fight to Fury and Wilder, he performed on Canelo's programs and now he's a co-title fight on a big program again." "His rise is top-notch, and he's undeniably a great talent."

said Borao in an interview with Sky Sports, adding something about quality but also ambition: "I think Frank can beat Tyson Fury today. Tyson is not crazy, so I doubt you'll see Fury's voluntary title defense against him.

Frank will have to continue to build his way with victories over boxers like Efe Ajagba and thus gain mandatory challenger status." "He'll welcome his turn, and looking at how active he is at the moment, it could come very soon.

And when Frank gets a chance to fight for the belt, then he will be the world champion that day. " We have to admit that the promoter ran a bit after just one big win of his boxer, but we can also cite this as an example of how to fight for your boxer.