Teofimo Lopez's and Kambosos' father had a conflict

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Teofimo Lopez's and Kambosos' father had a conflict

The match between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr. has been waiting for months, a match that will finally take place this weekend under the organization of Matchroom Boxing. After months of problems that the originally planned organizers from Triller did not know how to deal with, the best European promoter managed to sort everything out and New York will host the first defense of three Teofimo Lopez titles on Saturday night, his first match since beating Vasiliy Lomacheno.

In the period since this match was arranged, and it was earlier this year, the American and the Australian exchanged a lot of difficult words, so one could not even expect any intimate relationship in the week of the fight.

So at the last press conference, it was expected to be tense and interesting. Several times there was almost a physical conflict and that is actually the most exciting thing for the average companion. As for the statements, we were once again convinced that the "Millennials" and "Generation Z" brought something new to this segment of martial arts as well.

A bit of a "cringe", but obviously interesting to new fans because that's how their peers communicate. As for the statements, nothing has really been said that needs to be pointed out in writing, and the shooting without the visual video impression is not interesting anyway.

Teofimo's father

That’s why there’s a recording of the entire press conference that boxing fans could enjoy. Unfortunately, it wasn't all about that, but Teofimo's father, who was inevitable but very repulsive to most of the media and fans, had to get his space again.

Teofimo the Elder, otherwise known from his youth under the nickname "Junior", once again felt the need for his own conflict, this time with the father of his son's opponent. Matchroom's cameras captured their conflict, but also Junior's attempt to approach the Australian team, after which Lopez was stopped and removed from the training hall where it all happened.

Tensions are high, we expected that after all, now we just have to hope that it will bring us a good match. Not bad to mention that bookmakers give almost undefeated Kambosos almost no chance. First of all, we have to comment that we are not even familiar with his true quality, since he earned his status as a challenger initially with matches in Australia, and then on American or British soil, but at smaller events against boxers who do not belong to the top.