Fury's father brutally insulted Jake Paul

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Fury's father brutally insulted Jake Paul

Just under a month separates us from the boxing match between Tommy Fury (7-0-0) and Jake Paul (4-0-0). The two young men gained global popularity in another way, and are now exploiting it by building boxing careers. Namely, Tommy Fury is the star of the British reality show Love Island, while Jake Paul gained fame on YouTube.

On December 18, the duo will settle in Florida, and in the run-up to the match, they started with promotion through press conferences. One of these was held today in the UK, and Jake Paul participated via video call. Almost all the attention was taken by John Fury, the father of Tommy Fury, but also the father of the best heavyweight in the world of boxing, Tyson Fury.

John is known to have a sharp tongue, and Jake Paul was convinced of that today. Namely, John sent a series of insults to Jake Paul, and one of the threats stands out in particular. '' Listen, after Tommy knocks you out, he's gonna bend your girlfriend and do her like a dog, in front of you.

I honestly tell you what awaits you. You're a jerk, '' Fury said, and even Tommy was a little embarrassed by his father's statement. Tensions were extremely high on the Jake Paul-John Fury route. "You're angry because you can't come to America," Jake said, alluding to John's travel ban in the United States.

Namely, Fury's father has no right to go "across the pond" because of his criminal record. In 2011, John was sentenced to 11 years in prison for trying to dig out the eye during a fight. Tyson and Tommy’s father eventually served four years in prison and was released in 2015.

Paul on Fury

Despite everything, John Fury is one of the key figures in his sons ’boxing careers. In the run-up to Tommy's match against Jake, his half-brother Tyson also jumped in to help the British boxer. However, Jake Paul is not worried about that.

'' Tommy is green. Tyson is trying to train him as a champion, but the boy is not a champion, '' Jake said, drawing John Fury's anger again. '' How do you know? You know absolutely nothing about boxing, nor does your entire team.

You're useless and you'll just find out you dumb, '' John replied. There were also insults at the expense of physical appearance. Again Fury was the one who initiated such a verbal conflict. '' I thought I was ugly and just needed screws running through my neck to make me look like Frankenstein.

However, he (Jake Paul) beats me tenfold." "Look at that jaw, my God. It's good to have a beard over it. Leave her for the match as well, because Tommy definitely can't miss it and you'll find out soon. '', Were the words of John Fury, to which Jake Paul responded.