Nate Diaz provoked Jake Paul on Twitter

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Nate Diaz provoked Jake Paul on Twitter

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul seem to be continuing their online conflict. The UFC fighter by no means tolerates YouTuber and doesn’t see him as some relevant name in the boxing world, nor the rest of the world among other things.

Still, Ben Askren is one of the exceptions, and yesterday you already had a chance to read how Ben claims that Jake Paul may be a really good boxer. Nate Diaz also read that statement from Askren, but unfortunately not on our site, but on

Nate left a comment on their Twitter page in which he wrote that Askren's statement comes from a retired wrestler who does not know how to fight or box. "you have 6 times as many losses as Ben Askren Let that sink in "- Jake paul replied to Diaz's comment As expected, Nate Diaz is not particularly impressed with Askren, much less Jake's accomplishments.

So Nate didn’t stay obligated and made it clear to YouTuber what he thought of him and Askren. "He suc*s strong
You’d get smoked n a real fight tho
You can’t really fight
Boxing matches with wrestlers only Let that sink in " The fact is that Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, the MMA fighters Paul defeated, are primarily top wrestlers, and their boxing skills are not their strong side.

Diaz vs Paul

However, these are two renowned MMA fighters who have gone through countless boxing trainings and definitely needed to master a guy who has been doing it for several years and is immensely less experienced.

However, that did not happen. Askren was knocked out and Woodley lost by a split referee decision. Maybe it is Nate Diaz who will be the fighter who will defend the honor of MMA fighters. Namely, Nate currently has one fight left under his contract with the UFC and after that, he is free on the market.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, will be boxing against Tommy Fury on December 18, and if Paul wins again, the "hype" will be even higher. A real opportunity for Diaz to use his status, and Jake would finally get a real test of his abilities.

Still, it’s just one of countless possible situations, and Diaz first and foremost needs to do his last match under his current contract with the strongest MMA promotion. Paul will certainly have an answer to further provocations by Diaz, and it would certainly be exciting to watch their fight, which could possibly happen