Ben Askren on Jake Paul: ‘Maybe he’s a really good boxer’

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Ben Askren on Jake Paul: ‘Maybe he’s a really good boxer’

In the fourth month of this year, Jake Paul and Ben Askren clashed in a boxing match. That fight is actually the "culprit" for why the YouTube trend, and especially the Paul brothers, is becoming increasingly popular in boxing.

Although Askren is primarily a wrestler, many felt that his modest boxing skills were enough to master a person who has only been boxing for a few years and is not actually a professional boxer. Still, Askren ended up knocked out in the first round, and Jake Paul’s confidence went to heaven.

Former MMA fighter Ben Askren has been accused of setting up a match and appearing in it only for big money. Some think he may have underestimated YouTube, but we have to take into account that Askren is really bad, at least when it comes to boxing.

'' On the eve of the fight against Jake, I said he might or may not be a good boxer. We had no idea at the time, '' Askren began during a guest appearance on Lex Freidman's podcast.


If Ben wasn’t already an MMA fighter fit to do a boxing match, it should have been Tyron Woodley to some extent.

The former UFC welterweight champion still has slightly better boxing skills than Askren. Many martial arts fans believed that "T-Wood" would stop the "hype" around Jake Paul, but Tyron was also really bad.

Paul celebrated at the end of the eighth month with a split refereeing decision, and Woodley was also accused of doing the match just for the money, with no desire to win. However, Ben Askren argues that we may be ignoring the fact that Jake Paul could be a respectable boxer.

'' I knew Tyron (Woodley) was a much better boxer than me. So I thought there was a good chance Tyron would beat him up, but there was a chance Jake was really good at this." "I think the final conclusion is that Jake is really good in some ways.

Obviously, he invests a lot of time in it. So he is not bad, I'll say so much, '' Ben Askren explained. Paul is waiting for Tommy Fury (7-0-0) in the next performance. He is a guy who is also a "celebrity" boxer, but he has seven professional matches and just as many victories behind him.

Maybe Tyson Fury’s half-brother will be the real test for Jake Paul. We will find out on December 18 because then the mentioned duo should do the match.