Fury’s father doesn’t want his son to fight vs Whyte

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Fury’s father doesn’t want his son to fight vs Whyte

Dillian Whyte is currently on hold. Waiting for what he didn’t get a week ago when the big annual WBC convention was held. Mandatory challengers by categories were publicly announced on it, and it was expected that he would be like that in the difficult category.

After all, there is no other, he is the owner of the temporary belt and according to all the rules, it is his turn for the title match. However, the WBC has currently denied him this for one strange reason. Namely, some time ago, Whyte took his case to court, trying to fight for his right, and now it has bothered him that the WBC has decided that they cannot appoint someone with whom they are under trial as the challenger.

This has once again complicated the situation, and the same seems to be going in Tyson Fury’s favor. The champion has already stated that he has no interest in fighting Whyte, and his father John Fury supports this idea.

He actually even openly expressed the opinion that Tyson should not accept that match. "Dillian Whyte should respect his contract to fight Otto Wallin. He has to do that match, you signed the contract, you fight him. Tyson fought Deontay Wilder three times."

"He should be forced to fight Otto Wallin. Do it first what your job is and then fight Tyson. Until then, Tyson will fight someone else, "Big John said in an interview with Rob Moore, adding: "The alleged injury gave Whyte a couple of weeks to arrange a new match against Wallin.

If he's not convinced he can beat him, how will he do it against Tyson?"

Reason for the match

As a reminder, Whyte was supposed to fight Otto Wallin at the end of last month and thus defend the title of interim WBC champion, but the match was canceled due to injury.

He then turned to try to win a match against Fury, and some boxing people immediately expressed suspicion of injury, meaning that Whyte gave up the match for fear of being left without an attack on the title, and thus without a match that would bring him incomparable the highest earnings in his career.

After that, John turned to some other reasons why he would like to see his son in another match, and not against Whyte. In short, he hasn’t liked Whyte for a while, and he has revealed why. And that's where the money comes in.

"The biggest problem for me is that they hate you and say all sorts of things about you, and then they want a fee. These people don't have a single good word for Tyson like this, but they want to get rich through him."

"I have a problem with that, why to give someone a chance to get rich if he is not a good person? "he said, immediately giving advice to his son: "You need to pee on the WBC belt and throw it in the trash.

Better that than making other people rich. Is that type of person worth becoming a millionaire?" "I say no! If you ask me, we should show respect, then maybe I should and thought about giving them a chance. "