Terence Crawford defeats Shawn Porter via TKO

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Terence Crawford defeats Shawn Porter via TKO

The incredible Terence Crawford came to a new victory, 38th overall in his professional career (38-0-0). Shawn Porter (31-4-1) failed to beat him in a match for the WBO welterweight champion. On the contrary, Terence Crawford made history as the first man to beat Shawn Porter with a stoppage in his 36 professional appearances.

Crawford came to probably the most impressive victory of his career with a stoppage in the tenth round of the fight. Kenny Porter, Shawn Porter’s father and also coach, threw a white towel during the tenth round, and the fight ended after that.

Crawford sent Porter to the floor twice, in the early stages of the tenth round. Porter managed to get up and continue the match, but his father made the final verdict. Shawn Porter was thus actually defeated by a knockout (technical) for the first time, while “Bud” Crawford came to the 29th celebration by knockout.

Porter tried the way Crawford actually expected, with an aggressive approach and pressing. However, Crawford made great use of it, hitting and moving at various angles and forcing Porter to think a lot. Crawford normally likes to change guards during the fight, but now he only boxed in the counterguard in the first round.

A lot of the fights ended in a clinch during that round, and Crawford soon changed his guard. During the third round, "Bud" caused Porter a cut above his right eye. Whenever Porter tried to be more aggressive, Crawford would quickly force him to clinch and thus neutralize his opponent’s attacks.


Crawford's counterattacks were also great, but it should be said that Shawn Porter also had good stages in the match. Four of the first nine rounds, Porter won on two referee cards, while one referee awarded him three rounds in his favor.

"The blows he hit me were too clear. I felt them well and my timing was not good and he didn’t let me catch my rhythm. He is a dynamite guy inside and outside the ring." "Congratulations to him, he is the best guy I have ever boxed with.

'', Porter described his boxing experience with Crawford, just after the match. Shawn Porter as a former IBF and WBC welterweight champion is definitely one of the greatest boxers Crawford has fought within his rich career.

However, the 34-year-old "Bud" is still undefeated, and it remains to be seen what is next for the boxer who many see as even the best in the world. For the fifth time in a row, Terence defended his WBO welterweight title.

According to Boxrec's "P4P" rankings, Crawford is the fourth-ranked boxer in the world, while in the welterweight category he is in the first place. Maybe it’s finally time to deal with Errol Spence (27-0-0), the undefeated welterweight champion according to the WBC and IBF.