Canelo Alvarez revealed his plans for the future

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Canelo Alvarez revealed his plans for the future
Canelo Alvarez revealed his plans for the future (Provided by Sport World News)

After bringing all four elite super-middleweight world champion belts in his possession with a win over Caleb Plant, the question arose as to what could be Canel Alvarez’s next move. Three options were mentioned the most.

One was returning to the middleweight category for a match against Andredo or Charles, the other was staying and defending the aforementioned four titles at least once, and the third was going to the light heavyweight division, where Artur Beterbiev or Dmitry Bivol would probably be waiting for him, which would certainly be the biggest match.

which can currently work. In the end, Canelo did not choose any of these three options but will go the furthest so far. After reaching the title in four different categories, he will try to do the same in the fifth. It is a cruiser, ie lightweight category where they will attack the WBC title owned by Ilunga Makabu.

This was confirmed at the big WBC annual convention, of which Canelo was a guest, and it was there that he was photographed with Makabu for the first time. The lightweight limit is 90.7 kilograms, but the WBC changed that with the introduction of the bridgerweight category.

That way, they lowered their cruiser to 86.2, which is still almost seven kilograms more than the highest weight limit at which Canelo has competed so far, 79.5 kilograms, which is the light heavyweight limit. It is not known yet when the match will take place, but it seems that anything is possible before the beginning of May next year, ie the "Cinco de Mayo" weekend.


As Makabu has not fought since December last year, there is a possibility that he will play another match in the meantime. If left without a belt, Canelo would just be heading for a new champion. By the way, since the Mexican has never competed in this category before, it was necessary to ask for a concession from the WBC, which Canelo won without any major problems.

Makabu(28-2, 25 KOs) is a 34-year-old boxer from Congo who came to the title in early 2020 when all four belts in that category were filled by the departure of Oleksandr Usyk among the heavyweights. As for two defeats, he experienced the first long ago in his professional debut, while the second was inflicted on him by Tony Bellew when in 2016 he fought for the title for the first time, which he now holds.

Canelo is currently at the very top and can choose whatever he wants. After all, he answered that when asked why he chose this move for the next step in his career, he simply said that he is a man who can do whatever he wants. And we cannot deny that he was right.

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