Dillian Whyte will sue the WBC!

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Dillian Whyte will sue the WBC!

If you’re sure something is going to happen, and that has to do with the rather chaotic WBC boxing organization, it’s a recommendation to discard that safety right away. Once again, it has been shown that once the most respected boxing body has a habit or need to make vague moves.

In fact, the one they made at their last convention is clear when you look at a slightly deeper picture. But absolutely sportingly unjustified, we would say even bizarre. But we couldn’t have expected anything more normal from an organization that does things like inventing the WBC franchise belt, thus creating additional confusion in the sport.

The aforementioned WBC convention had an agenda item according to which mandatory category challengers were to be determined. One of the sure ones there was supposed to be Dillian Whyte. Namely, unlike most certain mandatory challengers, who only hold the first position in their rankings, Whyte has the interim champion belt.

He has been holding it since July 2019 and winning over Oscar Rivas, with a few months of exception while he was with Alexander Povetkin, but it can be said that the position that should guarantee him the status of mandatory challenger has a year earlier and a victory over Joseph Parker.

As there are currently no obstacles in the way of organizing the match between WBC champions Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua nor is there any clause that would reintroduce Deontay Wilder into the story, which is why Whyte has been left out in recent cases, there really seemed to be no reasons why Dillian would not finally get the status that belongs to his results, after which it would be an obligation to start negotiations.


Still, the WBC managed to ignore him once again. Namely, the obligatory challenger for Tyson Fury has not been determined, and the reason they stated just sounds interesting. The WBC has revealed that they are not legally able to do so as long as Whyte and they are under litigation, that is, under legal process.

In the beginning, it is not clear what this is about, but now there is more and more information. Without accurate information on when this actually happened, it was revealed that Whyte decided to fight his position legally so, after three years of ignoring, he took everything to the court.

He sued the WBC for denying him the opportunity he deserves with his status. We can assume that he may have been motivated by the move of Deontay Wilder, who just won the third match against Fury in court, also for the WBC heavyweight title.

But here it is clearly counterproductive. Very little information is known about the trial, so it is not known at what stage it is and when it can be concluded. One thing is clear, the WBC once again played Whyte, this time perhaps the most painful.

Of course, Dillian can always withdraw his lawsuit, but he will not be designated a mandatory challenger until the next WBC summit. It can be organized extraordinarily, and even through online services like Zoom or Skype, but it seems to us that this situation absolutely suits them.

Fury has already said that the match against Whyte does not seem interesting to him and that he is looking at some other options.