Jake Paul confidently: ‘I’m the best thing that ever happened to boxing’

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Jake Paul confidently: ‘I’m the best thing that ever happened to boxing’

The trend of YouTubers and celebrities in boxing is growing and is currently seen as something inevitable. The Paul brothers have come a long way in just a few years of boxing. Jake Paul beat renowned MMA champions like Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, while his brother Logan boxed against Floyd Mayweather.

Of course, opinions are different. There are many who are against this trend and believe that this sport is becoming a joke. However, more and more people are seeing some meaning in everything the Paul brothers and other celebrities in boxing are doing, and the trend is becoming more accepted.

Jake Paul is certainly the most resonant name and in a way a "trademark" of that trend. The 24-year-old YouTube star does not lack self-confidence, and he also handles "trash talk" very well, which is one of the main tools for building popularity in today's world of sports.

'' I'm the best thing that's happened to boxing in this century. Anthony Joshua, Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, they all said I brought fresh air to boxing. '', Jake began in an interview with Bleacher Report, and then further explained what he does for the benefit of the sport.


Despite everything that the Paul brothers do in boxing, from trash talk, turning this sport into something completely different, it must be admitted that they have done a lot to develop boxing and that in some way they have aroused greater public interest, from the younger audience and even to the elderly.

Most were skeptical when Paul decided to enter the ring and considered it a “humiliation” for boxing, yet after all most have a completely different image of him as a professional fighter '' The debate started about a year ago - is Jake Paul good for boxing? I’ve silenced that debate and I don’t think there’s anyone on the other side of the equation who thinks I’m bad for boxing."

"I have a foundation through which we donate boxing gloves for as many children as possible. We are everywhere, renovating boxing halls, inspiring young people to box. I think this sport needed such an awakening. " By the way, Paul has done four professional boxing matches (4-0) and his next performance awaits him on December 18th.

His opponent will be undefeated Briton Tommy Fury (7-0-0), half-brother of much more renowned boxer Tyson Fury. Now is his chance to once again deny critics who believe Paul should fight a pro boxer. Now is the chance to convince them otherwise and show that he is much better than they think, but it will not be easy for him