Former NBA and NFL superstars have arranged a boxing match

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Former NBA and NFL superstars have arranged a boxing match

A boxing event led by a match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will be held on December 18, but this match will be just the icing on the cake of the program that will be offered to viewers on Showtime television. It has already been announced that one of the best boxers in the world, Amanda Serrano, who will fight Miriam Gutiérrez from Spain, will once again have a place in the title fight, and now another fight has been announced through a press conference.

It is a match between Deron Williams and Frank Gore. If those names sound familiar to you, but you can’t connect them to martial arts in any way, you’re on the right track. He is once one of the best basketball players in the world and also on the other hand a great superstar of American football.

For both of them, of course, it will be a fighting debut.

Williams career

Williams surprised everyone earlier this month by saying he intends to go boxing, and no one expected it to be that soon. This is about a basketball player who provided his best games in the Utah Jazz and Brooklyn Nets, where he won one of the league’s strongest financial contracts.

This playmaker earned about $ 160 million during his NBA career, and he is adorned with another interesting fact. In 2011, during the NBA lockout, he went to play in Besiktas, and in those two months, he played such games that the Turkish great retired his number 8.

He ended his basketball career in 2017, at the age of 34, which is very early for one NBA star. Williams has been training boxing and MMA for a long time and is even one of the co-owners of the Forties MMA team. His opponent is 38-year-old Frank Gore, a former San Francisco 49ers superstar whose member he was for nine years.

During that period, he even played five times in the Pro Bowl, which is the NFL version of the All-Star game. He hasn’t mentioned going to boxing so far, but he obviously lacks competition so he chose to try out in the ring against Williams.

The two of them held a press conference full of respect, and towards the end of the same, they were joined by the above-mentioned Amanda Serrano. They are definitely ready for the match, and it will be especially interesting to watch this as a clash of NBA and NFL league representatives.