Junior dos Santos claims: ‘Mike Tyson owes me $ 50,000!’

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Junior dos Santos claims: ‘Mike Tyson owes me $ 50,000!’

Brazilian fighter Junior dos Santos is one of the greatest UFC heavyweights in history. The 37-year-old "Cigano" became famous with a trilogy against Cain Velasquez, and in the very first match, he won the UFC title.

JDS once managed to defend that belt (against Frank Mir), before Cain Velasquez returned it to his own. Junior remained at the very top of the category for many years but was defeated by four defeats in a row, after which he was fired from the world's strongest MMA promotion in the third month of this year.

JDS signed recently for boxing promoter S-Jam Boxing, and we often see him at wrestling events directed by the AEW (All Elite Wrestling) promotion. In an interview with Bloody Elbow, JDS recalled an interesting case from 2013.

Namely, then dos Santos played a match with Mark Hunt as part of the UFC 160 event and celebrated by knocking out Hunt with a circular kick in the third round of the match.


The Brazilian and New Zealander were then awarded a bonus for the best fight of the evening, but JDS claims that Mike Tyson cost him an additional $ 50,000 for the best knockout of the evening.

"When I fought Mark Hunt, I got two bonuses - the one for the best fight of the evening and the one for the best knockout. Mike Tyson was there watching the fight at a post-match press conference." "Dana told him I had won two bonuses, and Mike Tyson told him to award the best knockout bonus to another fighter.

Mike wondered why to give two bonuses to the same guy. So it cost me a bonus and he owed me $ 50,000!" "He deprived me of that money, '' JDS explained and then described how he was actually angry at White, who left his decisions to others.

'' That fight was really good. I did almost a full three rounds against Mark Hunt and eventually knocked him out with a round kick. They should have given me two bonuses." "It would mean a lot to me, and maybe not to the UFC.

That situation told me a lot about Dana White’s personality. The UFC is so big and if Mike Tyson says someone else should get a bonus, then the UFC should provide an extra bonus for someone else, but they should also give me mine.

However, they simply took it away from me, "JDS added. By the way, JDS bonus ended up in the account of T.J. Grant who then knocked out Gray Maynard in the first round of the fight.